Eat Pray Love – Consider it a rental

I was very excited to see Eat Pray Love, so a friend and I went to the first showing on Friday afternoon.  It was just us and about 10 other people in the theatre.  There’s nothing better than to be able to do that on opening day.  Obviously, I expected there to be mostly women in the audience, but interestingly there were about 3 single guys there.  Maybe Julia fans hoping to seeing a bit more of her.  But this movie is PG, so we really don’t see much.  Would have been interesting to see what the audience make up would have been for the evening shows.  But since The Expendables was playing across the hall, it could have been a date night apart for most couples.  No need to drag someone somewhere they don’t want to be.  But, wait, smart guys would have gone with their girls as it would definitely be a sacrifice you might later benefit from.

It’s just in the past few years that I really got back into reading, thanks mostly due to rediscovering the library and a world of free books.  Eat Pray Love is one of the first books that I’ve read and seen the movie.  I’ve seen lots of movies that are based on books, but once you see the movie there’s no real use in reading the book (wrong attitude to have, I know).   I always enjoy reading a true story about someone’s life experiences, especially if travel is involved.  I loved the part of the book in NYC and Italy, not so much in India and enjoyed Bali.  Seeing the movie, Italy was okay but I felt some important turning points were missing.  India was good, and shorter than the book so much more tolerable.  Finally Bali, which was beautiful and Javier adding a special something to that location.   However, Javier was not really believable as a dad of teenager or the man that Liz actually ends up with in the book.  But, obviously creative license allowed for that.  And really I thank those that made the movie, as I’m still thinking about Javier.

I understand that a book can’t be completely, from cover to cover, be made into a movie.  We would have to move into a theatre for at least a week to see it all come to life.  I guess that’s what an imagination is for.  And again, I didn’t imagine Javier or Julia, but that’s what got me in the theatre.

There were definitely highs and lows.  The locations were beautiful and you did feel like you were experiencing it with the characters.  The acting was also good, but I wouldn’t expect less.  There was just something missing.  I guess it was some of those turning points that were so evident in the book that had to be missed in the movie.

I still say it’s worth a watch if you read or even didn’t read the book.  Maybe wait for it to come out on video or go on cheapy Tuesday (at Cineplex in Canada) to the theatre.  Then you will at least have popcorn and drink to enjoy while watching.

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