Mad Men – Season 4 – The Rejected

Happy morning after Mad Men or Monday.  Still smiling from another great episode of Mad Men.  I’m just so impressed with this show ever week.  Last night was centred around the egotistical Pete Campbell and the ever interesting and evolving Peggy Olsen. With the news that Pete and Trudy were finally pregnant, you had to know that would really affect Peggy and even cold hearted Pete as he thinks of their history.

Peggy is such an unique character on Mad Men.  While everyone else fits into a stereo type for the era, Peggy really broke the mold.  Peggy is going out there an changing things up for women (or just herself) and willing to try just about anything (not lesbianism though).  Best lines of the night, “I have a boyfriend,” Peggy says. “He doesn’t own your vagina,” Joyce replies. “No, but he’s renting it,” laughs Peggy.  Pure gold!

For what seemed like a naive girl who got knocked up her first week of work, has gone on to become the first female copywriter at the agency without having to sleep with Don to get the position, implied by the secretary last night.  Peggy was disgusted by what was being suggested.  Peggy has achieved her accomplishments with hard work and persistence.  No sleeping around for her.  Not with the right men anyways.  Wait, I guess that’s not true.  But in the end she didn’t change agencies to work with Duck.

We did get to see the two sides of Peggy last night.  The hard working girl with goals standing up to Don’s secretary and the contrast of her softer side when she found out about Pete’s baby.  It was really nice to see their exchanges last night, through words or glances.  Finally showing a caring side to Pete Campbell.  It was their finally glance, as Pete is in the lobby and Peggy heads out to lunch with her new friends, that created a very special moment which made me feel that the book is closed on these two or we are just putting it away on the shelf for a while, so that we can grab it later.

Pete Campbell.  What to say about this guy?  You love to hate him.  He is a “son of a bitch” according to his father-in-law.  But he can manipulate those around him to make himself look good.  Doesn’t work so well with Don or Roger, but those that Pete deems are below him as he climbs that corporate ladder.

Just an aside, I just started to watch the show Community and figured out that Trudy is on that show also.  Wow, she plays very different characters.  Not bad to have two jobs in Hollywood.

The other real funny highlight of the show has to be Don’s new “girl” (used very loosely).  That’s what he needs, a nice older lady who’s dress he will never want to get under.  And she and Don will be the butt of many jokes around the office.  Fun!

The closing scene was very intriguing to me.  Don arriving home watches as his elderly female neighbor wheels her groceries down the hallway. “Did you get pears?” her husband asks repeatedly. “We’ll discuss it inside,” she says.

What does this mean?

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