Mad Men – Season 4 – The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Back to business.  Got to love when an episode focuses mainly on the goings on of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  And this week did a great job.  It brought together the business side and the history of America.  In this case, it was the affect of WWII on Roger and his view of some new potential clients.  You might know this company.  It was just a small motorcycle company called Honda.  Wondering what ever happened to them?

In true Mad Men style, they took into account the characters, their life history and the history and current status of America.  With so many veterans in the workplace at the time, it was the Japanese that were experiencing prejudice as they tried to break into the American market with their customs and rules.  Something that the boys at the agency had not experienced before.  Luckily they have Bert, and his love of the Japanese culture, to help them understand what’s ahead of them.

With Roger forbidding these potential clients, the boys had to work behind his back, which back fires and embarrasses the company with racism towards the Japanese.  Luckily, it’s the creative and cunning mind of Don Draper that fixes the problem while playing the Honda Motorcycle company and their competitors, CGC.

On the other side of the show was the continuing issues between Sally and Betty.  There is one unfit mother.  Thank goodness that Henry came into her life, or who knows what Betty would be doing to Sally by this point.  Obviously, Sally is lashing out at the whole situation between her horrible mother and her over sexed father.  Cutting her hair, touching herself in public and who knows what else.  Instead of trying to help and support her daughter, it’s off to the child psychologist for her.  Interesting thing happened at the psychologist though.  It’s suggested that this might help Betty to talk to someone also.  You think?

I really feel that we are just about to open Pandora’s box though.  Think that Grandpa Gene might have had a hand in some of the issues that both Betty and Sally have.  We will see how this all plays out.  Will it bring those two closer together?  Who are we kidding, Betty won’t get help and she will never believe anything bad about her dad.  What will become of our little Sally?  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, months, years.

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