Priceless Hashtag. Thank you Rob Ford!

After our wonderful Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, finally admitted to doing crack, twitter exploded with his priceless gem of an excuse, ‘In a drunken stupor’

#Inadrunkenstupor is currently trending on Twitter and people are having lots of fun with it.  When a hashtag like this comes around it burns like a wildfire and people love it.  Usually these ones that take off are based on a slip of the tongue or a huge mistake like the one from our wonderful Mayor.

Imagine what a positive hashtag for your brand could do if it took off like this.  Doesn’t happen that often as it’s not usually the positive onesthat creates such a huge trend.  But we can still sit back and enjoy the power of a good hashtag!

Check out some of the good ones that are coming out right now:

I once entrusted my ex-gf with my password to FB, but chalk that up to being #inadrunkenstupor

I once ate 5 Big Mac’s in a row #inadrunkenstupor

Just renewed my Bomber season tickets! #inadrunkenstupor 😉

I got myself #inadrunkenstupor before an Echo & The Bunnymen concert & totally missed the show. Still pisses me off 28 years later.

Sometimes I make out w girls #inadrunkenstupor

I still believe the #torontomapleleafs can win a #stanleycup #inadrunkenstupor !

I drank Pepsi #inadrunkenstupor

Teens already getting #inadrunkenstupor tattoos instead of #yolo #TOpoli

I watched the Notebook #inadrunkenstupor

And there are just so many more.  Check out some other great ones on Huffington Post Canada or on BlogTO

In a drunken stupor

In a drunken stupor



















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