The Expendables – Definitely worth seeing in theatres

First, let me preface the title of this post.  It’s definitely worth seeing if you like action movies with a lot (I mean a lot) of people get killed (partially blown apart), destruction through explosion and other forms and a tonne of gun fire and knife work (which is faster?).

If you’re still with me and like that stuff, I think you will enjoy this movie.  There’s nothing like getting all the older action heroes together in one movie.  When they’re all in one place, it’s crazy to think that Stallone looks the best of Bruce and Arnie.  Wow, Arnie is looking old.  Politics have definitely aged him.  No more action movies for him.

Sly did a great job putting together an entertaining team of mercenaries.  From Jet Li to Jason Statham, Terry Crews to Randy Couture and Sly’s Rocky nemesis, Dolph Lundgren (who knew he was still around).  Plus the one and only Mickey Rourke (acts like a kind of conscious/therapist) and bad guys Steve Austin (Stone Cold) and Eric Roberts.

Sly is a good screenwriter and director.  This movie was a great mix of action (more than anything), sarcastic humour and even some emotion.   As Sly has said in some interviews, he needed to get this movie made and soon, as all these guys aren’t getting any younger.  The age card is played up a bit also, which is fun.

There is great chemistry between Sly and Jason.  I see more movies together in their future.  The supporting characters of Jet, Dolph, Terry and Randy bring their special something to the table.  Jet has his “small” issues and has to work harder than everyone else because of his size.  Dolph, well he’s just that, Dolph.  A big galoot.  Terry loves the power of a good gun and wow, the gun that he uses is unbelievable.  Wait until he shoots that off.  Blood sure does fly.  Which is a bit disturbing that I found it funny when he did it.  One of Randy’s best scenes is a meeting of the old and new power in fighting entertainment.  Let’s just say it’s the UFC vs the WWE.  Remember Stone Cold Steve Austin is in this movie also.

Now, I know this is no Oscar winning movie, but over the past few weeks I’ve spent some money going to see the new movies, including Eat Pray Love and Scott Pilgrim and I have to say that this is the best money that I’ve spent going to see a movie this summer (not including The A-Team, but that was way back in June).  I came out of it actually smiling, just like I did out of The A-Team.  Maybe I just figured something out about the movies I enjoy in theatres.  Rom-Coms are for DVD and action movies are for the theatre.  I know, I’m just catching up to the obvious.  So check it out if you need a break from the world and just want to see a bunch of older guys blow things up and save the day!

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