Mad Men – Season 4 – Waldorf Stories

First off, congrats to Mad Men for winning the 2010 Emmy for Best Drama.  You are so deserving of that honour.

Who would have ever thought that we would see Don Draper being the one almost begging for something.  With that flashback of Roger’s we got to see just that.  Don was all wet behind the ears and ready to take on the world from the fur company, he was working for, when Roger needed a little something for his little something on the side at the time, Joan.  Don would stop at nothing, even almost stalking, to get a job with Roger at his agency.  I do look forward to learning more through Roger’s flashbacks, for his memoirs, about how Don became the cocky, Clio winning, ad man that he is today (in 1965).

Yes, the Clio’s.  Any of you in the ad world will know these well as they are still handed out today and still an award that’s sought after.  Every ad person wants to win an award for their work, especially for bragging rights with their peers from the other agencies.  Don, Roger, Pete and their good luck charm Joan attended the awards and came out winners, just before they had to head back to the office and pitch the Quaker people.  Yes, it’s important to ride the high of being the big winner, but not always the best idea to pitch new business when you are three sheets to the wind.  Drunk as a skunk.  Slogans are said that will come back to haunt you and make you do things that you just don’t want to do, like hire Roger’s wife’s useless cousin.

That drinking can also lead to you losing a day or two, sleeping with a girl or two and not remembering any of it or your children.  Way to go Don, now you’ve really pissed Betty off.  She did have an important brunch to go to after all.  Maybe cutting back on the drinks of social nature might be a good idea.  No.  That wouldn’t be any fun for us.

The other side to this episode found Peggy faces some issues with recognition and wanting to be more in charge than her experience allows at this point.  Peggy’s having a rough time with her new Art Director, Stan.  Not sure where I was when he got hired, but he seemed to appear out of no where for me.  He’s a bit of pig.  But, the feisty Peggy doesn’t take any crap, other than from Don, and calls Stan on his pig like, “Liberal” views and strips down in the hotel, where they are brainstorming, to see how far her new co-worker will take his liberal attitude.  Got to love Peggy.  You really got Stan’s attention, didn’t you.

It’s always that Peggy who plays Don’s conscious or keeps him in line.  She shows up at his place and has to remind me of the mistake that he made and how he has to fix it.  That relationship between Don and Peggy is so intriguing.  The only woman in Don’s life where there’s not sexual tension (other than his secretary – definitely nothing there), but one that Don will actually listen to, when it counts.

I must say one last thing, I love the way that Dr. Faye keeps Don in line.  When will he break her?  Or when will she break him?

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