Mad Men – Season 4 – The Suitcase

Peggy vs. Don.  Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston.  Which was a better fight?  I didn’t see the actual boxing match, but I would have to say the match between Peggy and Don was a pretty good one.  One that I think was long in the making and well worth the wait.  But who won that one?  One other point, Don and Peggy’s struggle lasted all night, where was the boxing match was over in seconds.

Who doesn’t love a Peggy and Don centric episode.  What a range of emotion and the depth that we saw in their friendship.  Who ever said that guys and girls couldn’t be friends?  This is quite a relationship between Don and Peggy.

Peggy doesn’t have a very good 26th birthday.  Don rips her a new one about the suitcase campaign, she meets up with Pete’s wife Trudy (his second baby mama) in the bathroom, where Trudy proceeds to tell her that she still has time (little does Trudy know), then Don ruins her birthday when he decides they need to work since he has no where to go and is hiding from the truth of Anna death.  Deep down I think that Don knows that there’s no one else in his life like Peggy and she’s the one that can help him get through this.  Even though he makes it so tough for Peggy.  Peggy did have one high light (sort of) when she got flowers and a job offer from the gross, drunk guy Duck.  Really Peggy what were you thinking with that guy.

Peggy is pulled in both directions that night.  How many times did she make it to the elevator and not get on?  I think at least 3.  Was Peggy being pulled back because of wanting to excel at her job or is it that connection that she has with Don and that she feels for him.  Sympathy or pity or just plain friendship.  To bad that Peggy was being pulled by her annoying boyfriend who had gone and invited all the people that she doesn’t really like to her birthday.   Her mom, sister, brother-in-law and weird roommate.  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of him and Peggy can meet up with that cool artsy guy she kissed at that party with the lesbian a few weeks ago.

Back to Don and Peggy.  The range of their relationship was presented so well and we got to see it continue to build.  There was more emotion is this episode than we’ve seen in ages.  We only seem to see Don cry when Anna is involved.  Peggy and Don were brought from anger to tears to laughter to comfort through one evening.  After the night of ups and downs, secrets about co-workers, compliments, $100 lost in seconds, a first trip to the men’s room for Peggy, a fight between drunks, passing out together on the couch and sharing a deeply emotional moment, Peggy and Don were still friends in the morning.  It was the moment after the phone call, that confirmed Anna’s death, that really said it all.  Crying, Don describes Anna as “the only person in the world who really knew me.” Peggy rubs his back. “That’s not true,” she says.

I completely expected Don to be all cold and Don-like in the morning.  Like the night before never happened.  But when Peggy was rudely woken up by her annoying co-workers in the morning, not looking her best, she checked in with Don.  Looking like nothing had happened and he had got his beauty sleep, Don shared his idea with Peggy for the campaign.  Not so sure about it, Peggy agreed with it.  Don acknowledged the evening and what they shared with a “couldn’t have made it with out you” hand squeeze.

Oh Don Draper, you aren’t half bad.

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