TV Season Premiere Season – New Network Shows

To steal a phrase from a classic Christmas carol and the Staples Back to School Commercial – It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Yes, it’s time for the premieres of favourite shows and potential new favourites (and some flops).

Now I’m not in the know or the right circles yet to get the early preview DVDs, so this post is really to summarize what’s coming up, what I’m going to be watching and maybe some initial thoughts.

New Shows:

Mike and Molly (CBS 9:30pm Monday September 20th) – This is from the phenomenal creative team that brought us Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.  They write the stuff that can really make me laugh out loud.  Plus the cast of this show is made up of some favourites like Sookie (Melissa Mccarthy) from The Gilmore Girls (more recently from Samantha Who? with Christina Applegate) and Swoozie Kurtz who has been entertaining us for years in both dramas and comedies.  The rest of the cast looks like they will be able to take the scripts to a whole other level.  This show has everything in place on paper to be a good one.  I really hope so.

Hawaii 5-0 (CBS/Global 10pm Monday September 20th) – A remake of an old classic with an unforgettable theme song.  Even if you were to young to have watched the original, you’ve heard the theme before.  Who wouldn’t like a show that takes place in Hawaii.  A place that many of us dream of going.  This show has got a little something for everyone.  Comedy, drama, action, good looking men and women and beautiful scenery all for the purpose of fighting crime.  With LOST gone we need a little bit of Hawaii, some more time with Daniel Dae Kim , the sarcasm of Scott Caan (loved him in the Ocean’s movies) and I guess that Grace Park and Alex O’Loughlin aren’t too bad either.  Hopefully they all do well by this classic.

The Event (NBC/CityTV 9pm Monday September 20th) – The previews for this one are very intriguing.  What the heck is The Event?  Why doesn’t the President have clearance?  I just have to watch this one because I need to know.  But will I need to invest five+ years to find out what it is?

Running Wilde (Fox 9:30pm Tuesday September 21st) – It’s from the creator of Arrested Development, really do I need to say more.  It should be very smart and entertaining.  Hopefully it’s not canceled before it needs to be like Arrested Development was.  Additionally, you’ve got Will Arnett and Keri Russell (who I loved in Felicity and was very funny in the movie Waitress) who look like an interesting couple.  Let’s see what this one is like.

Better with You (ABC 8:30pm Wednesday September 22nd) – This show looks like it might be fun.  I’m happy to see Debra Jo Rupp back.  We all loved her as Kitty on That 70s Show.  And I admit I do enjoy Joanna Garcia who’s been on a few shows that have ended up being canceled, but was also great in Reba.  So let’s hope that this one has a chance.

The Defenders (CBS/CTV 10pm Wednesday September 22nd) – As a lover of Vegas, there is no better place to stage one of the only shows that looks at the side of law from The Defenders point of view.  People get into a lot of trouble in Vegas.  The team of comic master Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell, I feel will be a enjoyable one and provide some good laughs through some bad situations and silly criminals.

Undercovers (NBC/CityTV 8pm Wednesday September 22nd) – It’s new from J.J. Abrams, so I really have to give it a chance.  Seems a bit Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but playing for the same team.  And they use the tactic of Sexpionage.  Doesn’t that sound interesting.  Need to learn more.  I’ll give the show a try.

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS/CTV 8:30pm Thursday September 23rd) – Now I’m still waiting to get the book at the library, but what I’ve read, while loitering at the book store so far, seems funny.  The question is will it be a good show?  Will William Shatner make it work?  I loved him in Boston Legal, but what will he be like in this one.  I guess we will see soon.

Outsourced (NBC/Global 9:30pm Thursday September 23rd) – For any of use who have called a call centre and ended up in India or for any of us who have worked for companies where our call centres were outsourced, I think we might find this kind of funny (pretty much everyone).  I really want to give this show a chance.  I think that I will get some good laughs out of it and the interesting characters they’ve put together.

Blue Bloods (CBS/CTV 10pm Friday September 24th) – A show about a police/law family headed up by the NYC Police Chief, Tom Selleck, should be a good one.  Plus Donnie Walhberg and Bridget Moynahan add their special talents to this one.  It’s a police show we haven’t seen before.  There are so many families where generation after generation wear the shield and this show will look at it from that point of view.  What’s it like to sit around that dinner table on Sunday nights?  Good or bad for this show is that it’s on Friday nights.  Not a lot up against it, but not a lot of people watching on Friday night (but that’s why we have PVRs/DVRs).  All the best.

I’m sure there will be other shows that I’ll try on for entertainment, plus the mid-season replacements.  But I’ll start with these.  Check out my returning show summary in the next few days.  And check out the fall schedule.

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