TV Season Premiere Season – Returning Shows

As my excitement builds to the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, tt’s time to take a look at all my favourite returning shows.  Starting this week (w/o Sept 13th), they start popping up in the TV schedule.  I don’t know that there is a better time of the year than Season Premiere Season and I know there’s a bunch of you out there that feel the same.

Let me first apologize if the embedded videos do not work for you in Canada.  I can only access American content even though I live in Canada.

Now, let’s see, where to start?  Let’s start with the first one to premiere.

Parenthood (NBC/CityTV 10pm Tuesday September 14th) – This show was a pleasant surprise last year.  With a power house cast, from Peter Krause (previously on Dirty Sexy Money and Six Feet Under) to Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) to Dax Shepard and Craig T. Nelson (for those of who can remember he was our favourite Coach). Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, have given us this great show that looks at 3 generations of one family all living back in the same town with all their interesting quirks, ups and downs, fights and laughter.

House (Fox/Global 8pm Monday September 20th) – What can I really say about House?  If you aren’t already watching this one, not much I can say or do.  It’s smartly written and keeps me coming back season after season.  Welcome back Dr. House.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS/CityTV 8pm Monday September 20th) –  When it comes to comedies, this has to be one of the best.  The cast of characters are so perfectly suited for each other and the comedy just keeps coming.  Neil Patrick Harris plays a great womanizing straight guy.  His “Barney Stinson” is someone you just want to grab a drink with, because you know it’ll be a laugh.  Saying that, it’s the whole gang that will keep you laughing.  And of course there is always the question, will we meet their “mother” this season?  Former House star Jennifer Morrison will be joining the cast for a few episodes this season as a love interest for Ted.  Will this be the moment we’ve all been waiting for?

Rules of Engagement (CBS/CityTV 8:30pm Monday September 20th) – I don’t know that many of you have given this show a chance.  But it is quite entertaining.  With a cast of David Spade, Patrick Warburton (you may not know the name, but you this guy’s voice and the egotistical characters he plays), Kate Hudson’s cutie brother, Oliver Hudson, and some great female actors who keep all these guys in line, it’s worth a try.  Here’s a taste of the laughs they create.

Two and a Half Men (CBS/CTV 9pm Monday September 20th) – Here’s another show that if you’re aren’t watching it, I doubt you will jump on the band wagon now.  But you will probably enjoy watching it in reruns on a raining Sunday afternoon.  We all know lots about the life of the famed Charlie Sheen.  His character on this show is not that much of a leap.  I’ve had the opportunity to see a taping of this show live.  And wow, this team of writers and actors really know what they’re doing.  Never more than two takes per scene.  They can hit the beats for a good laugh.

Modern Family (ABC/CityTV 9pm Wednesday September 22nd) – I don’t know why, but I was late to jump on board for this show.  I’m kicking myself for it.  But, I think that I’m caught up now.   This was by far the best comedy that came out of the last TV season.  It is so smart, funny and the cast of characters is awesome.  All I can say is that if you’re not watching this show, you have to.  It’ll be worth every minute.

Cougar Town (ABC/CityTV 9:30pm Wednesday September 22nd) – I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does have a good group of characters/actors and the writing is pretty good.  The supporting characters really help this show along.  You know many of them from shows like ScrubsChrista Miller, ER/Dawson’s CreekBusy Phillips, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and FelicityIan Gomez.  Plus of course Courtney Cox who I think is enjoyable in this show.  And she brings her “Friends” along to guest star.

Community (NBC/CityTV 8pm Thursday September 23rd) –This is another show that I was late to party for.  This unique and odd group of people attending Community College definitely create some laughs.  Joel McHale and Chevy Chase join a group of other favourites and some newer actors, as they come together as a hilarious community college study group.  Heck, it’s on Thursday nights on NBC, it’s got to have something to be worth watching.  Check it out.  And by the way, Betty White will be on the premiere.  She’s one busy woman.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS/CTV 8pm Thursday September 23rd) – I really love this show.  I HIGHLY recommend this show.  It’s hilarious.  I’m in no way a fan of the same things as these very intelligent characters (Star Trek, comic books, and science) but the way that it’s presented it’s fantastic.  And the theme song is by the Barenaked Ladies, plus it’s catchy.  Side note:  there are not enough catchy theme songs out there any more.   One of the leads, Jim Parsons (Sheldon) just one the Emmy for his role.  You will love to be confused by him and how set in his ways he is.  The rest of cast from Johnny Galecki (remember him from Rosanne), Kaley Cuoco (from 8 Simple Rules), Simon Helberg to Kunal Nayyar create some great situations that you just cannot help but laugh about.  I could go on for days about this show.  But, if you haven’t seen it before, you can check it out from the beginning on various stations (CTV weekdays at 7:30pm) so that you can catch up and learn where my favourite word, BAZINGA, comes from.

The Office (NBC/Global 9pm Thursday September 23rd) – Another classic show.  Most likely you have watched this one at some time.  You might be partial to the British version or the American one.  Not a lot I can say about this one.  There are some favourite characters returning this season.  Hopefully that will make Michael Scott happy.  However this is Steve Carell’s final season.  So there may be lots planned for this season.  I’ll be there to see what happens for Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam and the rest of The Office.  But, first a video memory of my favourite scene from last season and maybe one of the best episodes ever of The Office.

Brothers and Sisters (ABC/Global 10pm Sunday September 26th) – What will become of the Walker family after the crazy car accident that ended last season.  This season will see the show jump a whole year ahead from the time of the accident.  The characters should have moved on and dealt with their grief of losing Rob Lowe’s character and whatever other issues came from the accident and their crazy lives.  This show has an incredible cast of characters that are so well suited to work together.  It does keep my PVR (DVR) busy at 10pm on Sunday nights though, as it’s up against Mad Men.  And come on, I’ll be watching Mad Men in real time and enjoying Brothers and Sisters later in the week.

I think that my PVR is getting a bit scared of all the work it’ll have to do in the coming days/weeks/months after having most of the summer off.  Thank goodness for the PVR or what would I do.

Happy Season Premiere Season to all!

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