Mad Men – Season 4 – The Beautiful Girls

Seems like it was Ladies Day on Mad Men.  A little time with all my favourite and unique ladies.  Joan, Dr. Faye and Peggy.  Plus some time with the resident little lady, Sally Draper.

I guess it’s been a couple of weeks since Don dropped Dr. Faye off.  They have already moved on to afternoon delights.  And it sure sounded like everyone was delighted.  I must say I’m in support of this relationship.  An actual smart lady who has substance.

This episode is called “The Beautiful Girls”.  I guess if you weren’t one, they had to kill you off.  Good bye Miss Blankenship.  Sorry to see you go.  You really added a special something to the world of Don Draper.  But a great line came out of her death, “I’d have my secretary do it, but she’s dead”.   Interesting choice of action after she saw annoying and greasy haired Sally Draper arrive.  There are other ways to get out of looking after her.  RIP Miss Blankenship.

What’s with this little Sally Draper?  Now, I’m not her biggest fan.  She’s quite a piece of work.  Take about being a product of your environment.  Sally was a little less annoying in the episode, but she did try to take on the role of the wife, taking care of Don.  Making him that yummy rum soaked french toast.  (side note, might want to give that one a try).  However, we never really found out why she really did come all that way on her own.  I guess just because she wants to live with her dad.  Oh well, she’ll get a good beating from her lovely mother on her way home.  We will probably see little Sally back again soon knocking down daddy’s door.

Now over to Joan and Roger, really?  Get mugged and have sex against a wall a few steps away from where it happened.  I know that a tragedy can bring people together, but really….Hopefully they had protection (obviously not from the mugging, but something a little more scary), or that could get interesting.  Before all that happened, it was nice that Roger sent Joan the door to door spa ladies.  How Swedish were they?  Really, I think that Roger is her only friend in that office.  She does know quite well that nothing comes from Roger for free.   However, he didn’t have to work so hard for what he got in the end.

Our other Beautiful Girl is Peggy.  It was great to see, that guy from the party, Abe come back.  Was it just me, or did he seem better looking and cooler the last time we saw him?  Must have been the lighting, the raid and kissing in the closet that made him seem that way.  He sure was pushing all his political views this time.  Now our Peggy has beliefs, not the religious kind but, and stands true to them.  She is not a political girl.  I admit, I wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did listening to him yammering on.  She made good points about how hard it is for women out there, especially as she tries to blaze her path in her small little world.

It’s hard for Peggy to find that right group to fit in with.  Political lesbians, frat boy co-workers, perfect girls or her family.  She’s not one of the stereotypical girls of the steno-pool in the office.  She’s not a drop dead gorgeous girl with a great body, like Joan.  However, that doesn’t seem to be making Joan happy either.  Nor is Peggy the smart, sophisticated type like Dr. Faye.   We did see that even Dr. Faye has some issues also.  But, she’s got Don to make it all better, for now.  I think that these 3 ladies should form a club.  I’m sure they don’t want to admit, but they are the outcasts.  Not the norm for women at the time.  Beautiful girls in their own way, but so much more than that.

One final observation, how can these women drink like they do and not gain weight.  Geez, I have a couple of bottles of wine on the weekend and I feel like a blimp.  Maybe straight scotch or vodka is the way to go.  Johnny Walker on ice for me from now on.

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