The Town – Well Done Ben Affleck

Just saw The Town and I must say well done Ben Affleck.  After some of his earlier work, who would have thought that he could do all of this?  Well, I think I did.  I’ve always enjoyed his work (yes even Jersey Girl and Forces of Nature).  Maybe not all of it.  Ben’s J-Lo era wasn’t your best.  But before and after has been pretty good.  And now with The Town, I must say I’m impressed.  Write, direct and star.  Not bad.  And just and FYI, The Town is based on the book “Prince of Thieves”, by Chuck Hogan.

It’s important to be creative around what you know.  Boston is what Ben Affleck knows and has done well by it with movies like Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone and now The Town.  I even came out of the movie feeling like I should be talking in a Boston accent.  We were made to feel that we were all right there during all the action.  Even today, when I saw a few armoured cars I kept thinking, be careful.

The movie was well cast.  Jeremy Renner plays the part of a pretty messed up man who sees no other options in life than what he knows, crime.  He’s that guy who manipulates his friend, basically brother, Ben Affleck into job after job because of their history.  The rest of the foursome of robbers is rounded out with newcomers, Slaine who we did see in Gone Baby Gone, and finally Owen Burke who we haven’t seen before.  And of course there is our crime fighting FBI agents, Jon Hamm (our favourite Done Draper from Mad Men) and Titus Welliver, who we’ve seen in roles like this before, playing a good or bad cop.  Together they all bring something unique and special to the movie.

It’s these boys from Charlestown, Boston, who know nothing more than crime.  Robbery is the family business for these boys and many, truthfully, in Charlestown.  Handed down from generation to generation.  Their dads did it and now they do.  It is the chance meeting of Ben’s character with one of their robbery victims that gives hope for another, better, life outside of the business.  And with the hope of finding peace with his mother, who he thinks abandon him and this father,  he makes his plan to get out of it all.  But, this life of crime is not easy to leave behind.  Just one more big job has to be done.  It’s that job that will change all of their lives, forever.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend The Town.  If you can’t make it to the theatre to see it, definitely rent it when you can.  It’s worth it.

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