Mad Men – Season 4 – Hands and Knees

It was a night all about abortion, desertion and interracial relationships.  Not an episode light on emotion.

First off, didn’t I call the pregnancy last week.  I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one out there with that idea after the post mugging alley rendezvous.  Oh Joan.  I do feel for you.  But, if I remember correctly this isn’t your first abortion.  Hence the age of your imaginary daughter at the abortion clinic.  Hmmmm?

Before I talk about the downward spiral that is Don Draper’s lies and desertion, what about the surprise from our straight laced, Lane.  Look at him with his, as he calls her, “chocolate bunny.”  Didn’t see that coming from Lane.  After his stuck up wife, I think why he would look for someone who is more fun and the polar opposite.  The real story here though is Lane’s horrible father.  Now that is one unpleasant man.  That wack across the face with his cane was unbelievable.  And then stepping on his hand until he gave in.  Could you imagine being physically hit by your father at that age?  I guess that daddy-o knocked some sense, more like fear, into his son, as Lane is on the first plane home.  Love his last line in the meeting though, the company is in sound fiscal shape.  Oh how little you know.  It won’t be the same when you return, my friend.

Desertion and Don Draper just go hand in hand.  I was impressed that he did come clean with Dr. Faye.  As I’ve said before, our Don is growing up and building a mature relationship.  Other than the last moments in the episode as he looked Megan up and down.  Back off Don.  You have a good thing going.  Back to his lies and desertion.  The range of emotion that Jon Hamm (Don) is playing out this season is amazing.  Might be an Emmy in his future yet.  Even though Pete has figured out a way to stop the investigation, really has it ended?  I can’t imagine the government just letting that go even if the clearance isn’t needed anymore.  What will happen with the desertion and Don now?

Another highlight of the episode was Pete sitting with Trudy talking about how hard it is to be one of the honest people out there and how the liars in the world just get away with it.  Pete, you as a liar, would know all about that.  How can even get those words out without being struck down.  Let’s see where do we start?  Getting Peggy pregnant, basically raping the nanny next door and I’m sure many other lies.  Pete, Pete, Pete…

The big news that Roger’s keeping under his hat is the loss of American Tobacco.  With Don’s need to keep up a lie, they’ve lost the one client that could replace American Tobacco, North American Aviation.  Don’s lie is potentially going to cost them the entire business and affect the lives of everyone at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  Covering up is getting to be a bit much Don.  I think that we will see a few more panic/anxiety attacks for good old Don Draper.  Better keep Dr. Faye close by.

There was a nice moment for Daddy Don who made one Sally Draper ecstatic with tickets to the Beatles (the biggest thing going at the time).  And even more shocking was seeing Betty smiling.  It looked genuine and not one of jealousy.  Too bad she lost all that happiness when she had to cover up for Don with the FBI.  Always short lived happiness for Betty Francis.

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