Mad Men – Season 4 – Chinese Wall

We are getting down to it.  Only a few more episodes left in season 4 of Mad Men.  That makes me sad, but excited as to how this season will close off.  Wait.  Stop.  I’m getting a head of myself.  Let’s enjoy the time that we have left together in season 4.

This episode was based around something that Peggy said.  “Every time something good happens, something bad happens.”  This week took a look at a variety of the characters and how life is affected by a statement like that.  We started out with another encounter for Peggy with Abe.  Abe looks a bit better when he’s just been to the beach.  And you have love our Peggy Olsen.  At the end of the day, it’s about the hook up.  Forget about how he annoyed her before.  She’s just a bit of a horn dog like the rest of the “boys” on Madison Ave.  That led to a little more something something at the office.  Giving Stan the idea that he could have a go.  No, no, Stan.  Peggy does have some standards.  “Why do you keep making me reject you?”, Peggy said to him as she pushed him away. A man scorned, can be a prick.  Not telling her that she had lipstick on her teeth for the big presentation.  Poor Peggy.  Still a woman in a man’s world.

I was proud of our Joan for putting a stop to things with Roger, the little liar.  I do love how Joan is just a regular girl at home in comfy jammies.  At least someone on TV is showing a bit of real life.  No one hangs out at home in tight, form fitting clothing and stiletto heels (even though I’m sure many men would like that).  Roger had a great line as he was leaving Joan’s.  “That night we got mugged, that was the last time?  Wish I had known that.”  Why because you would have made that alley way a bit more romantic and that wall you had Joan against a little more comfy?  Oh Roger.  For Roger his life was affected by the theme a bit different.  Bad happened, lying and losing Joan, then good, his book is done.  Who will read that one?

Pete Campbell is finally a daddy.  To a little girl.  Congrats.  What a day.  Company is sinking and his personal life is riding high.  Good, then bad.  Who knows how things will end up for Pete.  He was pretty much headhunted by CGC in the hospital waiting room.  Interesting place for business.

Finally, there’s Don Draper.  As we hold on to the dream that he’s changed, sadly he hasn’t.  He’s a guy that needs to be loved.  One sign of things not perfect with Faye and he’s on the couch with another.  We all saw that one coming.  Another Madison Ave horn dog.  Before all that, he was the one to make sure that the troops at the agency believed that all was going okay and they wouldn’t be affected by the loss of American Tobacco.  Thanks for lying to all of them.  Makes them all feel more secure.  As his business is crumbling around him, the team hits a funeral to try and get clients (classy), he finds that his girlfriend actually has ethics and doesn’t do what is asked of her.  Good for you Faye.  However, we all know what Don Draper wants, he gets.

Another good looking assistant falls to the sexual powers of one Don Draper.  “Let me help you”, “I want to learn and do what you do one day”, “I’m creative” and “I’m from Montreal”.  Oh Megan, really?  You just want a little Don Draper for yourself.  This won’t end well, like all the girls before.  Don can’t help himself, even though he does protest a few times (was proud of him, for a second), before it’s couch time for him and Megan.  But, how does Don feel when he gets home and the lovely Faye is waiting for him.  She must really love this guy to go against her ethics to get him a meeting with Heinz, you know they make sauces and vinegars.  I think that we almost saw Don’s remorse for what he had just done.  Didn’t Faye smell Megan’s perfume on him?  Oh well, all is good for Don and Faye.  Just a little cuddle on the couch and they are back on track.  What Faye doesn’t know won’t hurt her…

Looking forward to what the last two episodes have in store for us.  Here’s a sneak peek at next week and the master manipulator that is Sally Draper.  A perfect mix of he mother and father’s worst traits.

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