Mad Men – Season 4 – Tomorrowland

Sadly I put together the last post for Season 4 of Mad Men.  What a great season it’s been.  So much change for Don and the rest of the cast.

This episode had me saying, “WHAT?” a few times.  I thought at one point that I was watching a dream sequence.  And I didn’t think I was hearing things correctly at another point.

This season there were a few things that we could count on.  Don experiencing change in every episode.  Betty being crazy and making bad choices.  Joan surprising us and Peggy just getting better and better.

This week started with us saying goodbye to Dr. Faye, but we didn’t know it at the time.  I really thought that there was such a future for them, but looking at it now, she made Don analyze himself too much.  We know that Don’s not about that.  He’s spent most of the past few seasons (or maybe his whole life) doing that.  He needed to find a fun and happier life and Dr. Faye didn’t provide that for him.  Plus, I don’t think that she would have been any good with the children and that’s all part of the Don Draper package, even if it’s only every other weekend.

The boys met with the American Cancer Association (AMA) and probably made a good impression and hopefully some good connections.  Loved how the board at the AMA admitted that they smoked.  Could you imagine if that was true today?  Don’t think that you’d be on that board if you did.  The best part of that was when they returned to the office.  First, Roger was being his own secretary, typing his own letter, but his question was priceless, “Get cancer?”  Love it.  The writers really give him some great one liners.

Then there was Betty.  I think that Glen said it best, ” Just because you’re sad, doesn’t mean everyone has to be.”  Don’t need to pay a therapist big money anymore Betty, Glen hit the nail on the head.  Maybe he’s creepy, but he’s got you figured out.  Follow that with Betty firing the only sane person in her life, Carla.  What the hell was she thinking?  But by firing Carla, Don found the love of his life (for now).  The world works in mysterious ways.  I’m a big believer in that.

With Carla not allowed to go to California, I guess a perfect replacement will be, the little French Canadian secretary, Megan.  Plus Megan is a full service caregiver.  She will take care of 2 years olds to 40 year olds.  Impressive.  I did think at the time of the decision that we were seeing the old Don coming out.  But, I think that Megan does bring out a different side to him, aside of the sex that he needs.  In California, we really did see the culmination of the changes of Don Draper.  He was great with the kids (hanging out with them and playing with them in the pool), he had some closure in regards to Anna, and I guess he found someone that he can be himself with.  As she said, Don has a, “Good heart and is always trying to be better.”  It was nice to see how she was with the kids and how she is the complete opposite to Betty.  So much calmer.  Those kids will be wanting to live with Don and Megan in no time.  As an aside, I love how Don’s style changes from East coast to West coast.  That man can really pull off any style.

As I mentioned, I really thought that we were in some kind of dream sequence when Don asked Megan to marry him.  I just kept waiting for him to wake up and it all be a dream.  But, no.  It was real.  Didn’t see that coming.  I know I should of when he got Anna’s engagement ring.  Don you work fast.  And sadly for Dr. Faye her prediction, when she and Don first met, of him being married within the year has come true, just not with her.

With congratulations from all and for all (thanks to Peggy for bringing in the new account, you go girl, saving the company) it was important to see how Peggy was going to take all of this.  The exchange between Don and Peggy was what it should be.  After a season of growth for both of them and for their relationship, Don was gracious and so was Peggy.  Still love that relationship.

The absolute best part of the entire episode was when Peggy marched into Joan’s office, slammed the door and they lite their cigarettes and did what all of us girls do so well, gossip and bitch.  Their is a relationship that has also changed this season.  They have definitely had their ups and downs.  As the season comes to a close, Peggy and Joan can sit down together, have a smoke and share a moment.  Love it.

However, the biggest shock of the finale was that Joan is pregnant.  REALLY?  So was she pregnant before the incident with her, Roger, the mugger and the alley?  Or are we just taking a chance on who’s baby this is?  What will Roger say?

As we close up season 4 we see the end of the life Don and Betty built together.  They share a moment in the kitchen.  Betty did however look like Cruella Di Vil, as she stood in the kitchen.  Don gets better and Betty gets worse.

Season 5 will be a good one.  Can’t wait.  Looking forward to next summer already.  Thanks Mad Men for an awesome season.  See you soon!

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