Transit Stories – Triple Threat and Wide Open

Now I don’t want this to be a rant about transit, but more of an observation of the events and characters on transit.  I spend a lot of time riding the better way and see so many things.  So, why not start observing them in a series of blogs.  Here’s the first.

Recently, I haven’t had to take transit during rush hour, but this morning was different.  I had the honour of taking all three subway lines, so got to observe the world in various sections of the city.  My first observation was what I’ll call, The Triple Threat.  What do I mean by that?  Well, we all know the double threat.  That person who takes up two seats.  This is fairly normal.  Rude, but normal.  I never understand why your bag or, the worst, your wet umbrella needs it’s own seat.  The latter is always nice because it leaves a special surprise for the next lucky customer.  A nice wet bum!

Since you now understand what the double threat is, you can figure out what the triple threat is.  Yes, there was a lady this morning, during rush hour (I’ll give her that the car wasn’t that full) who sat right in the middle of a three seater and proceeded to put one of her ratty bags on the seat to her left and then another ratty, gross bag on the seat to her right.   She sat there for the entire ride like she was completely entitled to all those 3 seats.  Keep thinking that way sweetie.  And by the way, your not fooling anyone with your “Holts” bag for your lunch, we don’t believe it.

My other encounter was a bit more personal than just an observation.  On my way home just near the end of morning rush hour, the train was still full.  When I got on, there were not a lot of seats so I decided to share a two seater with a man.  Seemed like a reasonable decision.  Sadly, this man is one of the many that I will now reference as “Wide Open”.  I think you can figure out what this means.  In case you can’t, he’s that guy who can’t even attempt to put this legs together or even just a little closer together.  Now the 2 seaters are tough with the pole on the one side and the wall on the other, but once you get passed that pole it should be okay.  Let me also state a fact that my ass is not huge and doesn’t take up more than one seat.  In this situation, I couldn’t even get my butt passed the pole and therefore had to sit on the edge of the seat.  Which I must say is annoying for both parties.  With all of this, he never attempted to close his legs in the least.  Who knows, maybe he is so well endowed that it’s just not possible.  That might be more in his head, than where it counts.

Finally, another seat opened up and I moved.  He stared me down like I had done something terribly wrong to him.  Then another lady (with a smaller butt) got on and took that seat.  Wow, did she ever look uncomfortable until he finally got up to get off.

Everyday, there is a story to share about transit observations.  I won’t bore you with all of them, but every once in a while I will share some good ones.  There are characters out there riding transit and events that happen only on transit that we all understand or have experienced.

Feel free to share.

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