Bridesmaids – Well Done Kristen Wiig

As some of you may know, I’ve been a bit excited about Bridesmaids coming to theatres.  And let me tell you I was not disappointed, nor were the people I went to see it with (all the people in the theatre, I mean).  Actually I think that I might need to see it again because there are so many great lines that people were laughing through.

And don’t worry everything wasn’t given away in the trailers.  This film did a smart job marketing itself.  They gave us an idea, but not the whole story.  Let me just say that the trailers don’t give away the farm in the way you would think, they just teased us.

Don’t worry this isn’t a chick flick.  There was a pretty even split of guys and girls in the theatre and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  So yes boys, you can go see it without feeling out of place.  It’s definitely not “Sex in the City” or “He’s Just Not That into You“.  We all can get a laugh from our SNL girls Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.

Bridesmaids kept me smiling and laughing, but also provided a story I could relate too.  I think that many of us can relate to this movie.  A 30-something who isn’t really on the path that she had hoped she would be.  Plus her best friend is leaving her to live this single life alone.  It’s tough to be the last one standing and not to have a bright future, or at least that’s what one might think.  But through all of this there are so many situations to laugh about, while still relating.  Well, maybe I couldn’t relate to all of them.  Dress fitting and food poisoning.  Scamming some boot camp.  And one super odd new “best friend” (or sister-in-law to the best friend).

A real surprise and treat, other than the great comedy of Kristen and Maya, is Melissa McCarthy who plays a character like we’ve never seen before.  She is far from our favourite Sooki (Gilmore Girls) and Molly (Mike and Molly).  In one word she is Fantastic.

I can go on about this all female cast, the great writing, directing (Paul Feig) and thank Judd Apatow for bringing it to us, but I will stop and just say two more things.

Chris O’Dowd you are a biscuit.  Mmmmm!

And just “…hold on for one more day”.  You’ll know what I mean when you go see the film.

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