Transit Stories – New Ghetto Blaster

Just had the pleasure of riding the subway with a double offender.  The first offense is one that we see all the time, feet on the seat.  Don’t know what I can even say about this one, other than IT’S NOT YOUR LIVING ROOM!  Feet off.  Especially on a rainy or snowy day when your feet are wet.  Sorry to sound like your mother, but come on.

The second offense is one that I’m noticing more and more these days.  And it’s probably one that was a problem in the 80s with ghetto blasters (does everyone know what I mean?  See the image below if you can’t picture it or have blocked the 80s from memory) before Walkman’s or iPods, but why today.  What is it you ask?  It’s those people that seem to need to listen to their music through their phones or iPods without the earphones plugged in.  Now explain to me, in what world do you think that “I” want to listen to your crap music (and it usually is)?  Even if it’s good music (rarely), it’s your music not mine.  So I guess the same applies as to the feet on the seat issue, IT’S NOT YOUR LIVING ROOM.  I ask then, put a plug in it.  An ear bud plug in that little hole that’s just begging to be plugged up.  PLEASE!

Plus, older people get on the train, look at me with my iPod on and earphones in and assume that it’s my music that is pounding through the earphones.  It’s not me, it’s YOU!

So put a plug in it!  Thank you!

Ghetto Blaster

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