Just for Laughs Toronto

With the Just for Laughs Festival now having shows in Toronto, we get to laugh like we’re in Montreal.  The other night, my friend invited me to attend one of the Just for Laughs Galas.  When I looked at the list of those that were performing, I had only heard of one out of the 6 comedians.  And that one, I knew that I didn’t like.  But, with numbers on my side, I knew statistically, that one of the other 5 had to funny.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  Each of the other 5 were pretty fun.  Some more than others.

The host for the night was Demetri Martin.  He was an entertaining choice for host.  He started the night out with getting us laughing and  was a good tie together between the other, very different, comedians.   The continued with some good laughs, even a few almost to the point of tears for me.  Which is a very rare occurrence.

First off was, Elon Gold who seemed to hit the jokes of a typical Jewish comedian.  I did get a few good chuckles out of some of this stories.  But why is it that we can have such a good laugh at jokes that are so politically incorrect?  You laugh, you feel so uncomfortable, but you just can’t stop.

Following him was, Tim Minchin or maybe it was Harland Williams.   Sort of forget the exact order.  It was 3 days ago after all.  Tim had a very unique musical style to his comedy and his hair and clothing (unbelievable tight jeans).  It was all done in song.  The crazy hair, the tight jeans and the songs just made you laugh a bit.  Until the last song, where you either laughed hysterically, or couldn’t find it in yourself to even smile a bit.

Harland Williams is not my cup of tea and I don’t really understand the hype about his comedy.  He has a huge fan following and you either love him or can’t really stand him.  I’m in the can’t stand camp.  But to each his/her own.
Tommy Tiernan.  What can I say?  What is with Irish comedians?  They can say just about anything and with that accent and their energy, you just have to laugh.  No matter the amount of swearing or level of uncomfortable moments, it’s just a laugh.  Good on you Tommy Tiernan.

Finally, the night closed up with Gabriel Iglesias who had me laughing from the moment he walked out.  The Hawaiian shirts, the predicaments that he’s gotten into, the life experience stories, his 5 levels of overweight (he’s a fluffy) and his ability to make himself sound like a 12 year old school girl, it was comedy gold.  I came home and found his Hot & Fluffy Comedy Tour on YouTube.  The various clips are pretty funny, in my opinion.  Enjoy!

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