Mad Men – Season 4 – Public Relations

I’m thrilled to have Mad Men back.  I’ve missed you.  The finale of season 3 was so intriguing.  What was going to come of this new agency with the choice and interesting characters that were asked to join it.

When we join the Mad Men team, they are a couple of months into the new agency and they are out of the hotel room and into an office space that is lacking a boardroom table.  Fun and interesting comedy.  People sitting around in a circle with ashtrays in their laps.  Makes me think that this will be that constant subtle joke as the season goes on.

Now, I love Mad Men and there have been changes with the dumping of the dead wood characters, new situations and new roles that need to be established, but I didn’t find this episode to be that entertaining.  I left wanting more.  That could be that I’ve been waiting for its return for so long.  I guess wanted to know more about the truly interesting characters like Joan, Pete and Peggy.  Not so interested in Betty and her new life.  But, that could just be me and I know that we see more about them as the season goes on.  It can’t all happen in one episode.  That would be a movie, not a series.  Just want it all and want it now.  It needed to centre around Don and Betty and the new agency.  Which I guess is a lot to cover off in an hour.

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But this episode did seem flat and didn’t really grab me.  Again, I’m a fan and will stick with it, as it can only get better.

As for my friends who decided to start watching Mad Men for the first time on Sunday, I suggest that you go back to the beginning of season one and catch up from there.  This is a complex show with great characters and you need to know their back stories and how they all got to this point.

Glad your back Mad Men, now live up to my expectations.  Please!

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