Mad Men – Season 4 – Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Second week into season 4 and I’m becoming a happy Mad Men viewer.  Felt a bit strange watching a Christmas episode while sweating hot on the first day of August, but it helped to but a chill in the air, if only for an hour.

The first Christmas for Don as a separated man.  He receives a letter, address to Santa/Don Draper, from the kids.  What a good dad, while heading off to Acapulco for his Christmas,  he’s happy to fork out the dough to his assistant to go out and buy the gifts for the kids.  How thoughtful.  But that’s what was done in the day (not the Acapulco part).  Secretaries, as they were called at the time, not executive assistants, did pretty much everything for their bosses.  As we saw on last night’s episode, they really perform all tasks from shopping to bringing keys to drunk bosses and a few other acts.

This episode really got back on track to the Mad Men that we love.  With the return, of the now sober, Freddy, that odd dynamic between he and Peggy returned.  Old school creative man and new school of thought woman.  Saying that, Peggy is modern, but portraying an old fashioned mind girl to her boyfriend (let’s wait, it’ll be worth it – sure Peggy, you’ve had more partners than junior has, I’m sure).  Can’t wait to see when the truth comes out all that.  Her boyfriend represents what I think Peggy thinks she should be, but she is well passed that now.

Thanks to it being Christmas, we got to see a big blow out office party to impress the Lucky Strike big shooter.   As requested, Joan took the party “from convalescent home to Roman orgy.”  What ever Lee wanted he was to get, including drinks, women and one of those new fan-dangled Polaroid camera, which he was happy to use to thoroughly embarrass Roger with.  Whatever the client wants, the client gets.

This episode opened up many possible story lines for the upcoming season and a huge selection of woman for Don.  Including a consumer research expert, Dr. Faye Miller, the nurse from across the hall and his secretary.  The latter will definitely be an issue.  Don was intrigued, or maybe scared, by Dr. Miller and her insight into him and also her point about how he would be married within a year.   Hmmmm.

One last, albeit creepy, observation, was that kid Glen and what will his role and relationship will be with Sally.  What’s that about?

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