Glory Hole Doughnuts…..Mmmmmm!

A few weeks ago I got introduced to Glory Hole Doughnuts through a crowdfunding program they were running through Indiegogo.  The story of this up and starting company interested to me.  And the fact that they were working towards opening their first store front in my area of town, was also very enticing to me.  I was thrilled to help support a local business in the Parkdale area of Toronto.

As part of my contribution, I was rewarded with a dozen of the extremely yummy Glory Hole Doughnuts.  They are not your regular doughnuts.  These tasty treats have been created to be unique and can mimic the flavours of other tastes you love.  Like Butter and Toast, Banana Cream Pie or Lemon Meringue.

I knew that I couldn’t accept these dozen doughnuts at a time that I would be the sole person responsible for eating them.  As I really don’t think that is part of my Weight Watchers plan.  So I decided that I would get them to enjoy with a big group of friends at weekend away.

Glory Hole Doughnuts

I received this big box of doughnuts from the business owner/doughnut creator, Ashley Jacot De Boinod, on Friday morning.  I tempted my co-workers with these gorgeous looking and smelling doughnuts.   Then they began their trip on the train to visit my friends.

Our box of treats consisted of:  Butter and Toast, Banana Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate & Pistachio and Yogurt & Granola (this one definitely had to be good for me, right?).  In order to make these last and so that everyone could try each of them, we had to cut them up into smaller pieces (plus these doughnuts are a good size).

Every single doughnut was a big hit.  Some liked Butter & Toast better, others fell in love with Banana Cream Pie.  The look of the Lemon Meringue was intriguing and didn’t disappoint when it came to flavour.  My favourites were definitely the Butter & Toast and the Chocolate Pistachio, but I enjoyed each of them.

The overall review of the doughnuts was how fresh they tasted and how the flavours were just so true to their names.  You really did feel that you were eating pie or toast.  So often you try a doughnut and the flavour doesn’t match then name, but not in this case.  You get exactly the flavour your are expecting and more.

I cannot wait for the store to open in Parkdale on Queen St. W, near Sorauren.  I will definitely be stopping in for a treat and sharing them with my friends!

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