20km at Abel Tasman

It’s been a great couple of days with my friends Deb and Dean in Christchurch. Always great times with them. Plus got to meet some new people that I can now call my friends.

After a few days in Christchurch, Deb and I left Dean behind and headed out on a road trip. Fun, girls road trip. We were heading to the north part of the south island of NZ. We made our way up to Nelson and beyond. We knew that our plan was to make it to Kaiteriteri so that we could book a kayaking trip out to Abel Tasman National Park. Made it to our destination and were able to book an all day kayaking trip. Maybe a little more than I was ready for, since my kayaking experience is about 2 hours on then Humber River. But it’s all about trying something new.

Along those same lines of new was another new opportunity which was camping. I’ve never slept in a tent. But we were are making baby steps. Staying a tent with beds for my first experience.

But check out what I woke up to.


We had been promised light and easy seas for a our kayak trip, but that was far from the truth. Our water taxi out to the launch beach would have almost made any one sea sick, or given you a great thrill like it did me. However, little did we understand what kayaking would be like in 4-5′ swells in the Pacific Ocean. The first 3 hours of the trip was a real white knuckle experience, but Deb and I shone through and made it.


We don’t look too worse for where. But it was tough. Glad it calmed down. Then we could enjoy the trip as it was portrayed in the brochure. Easy going and smooth seas. It was a lovely afternoon and we can be proud of ourselves for meeting the challenge of the day.

Here we are in happier times.


Now we are relaxing in a little cabin in a town called Collingwood, where the only thing open is the local tavern.

Tomorrow we are in search of more adventure and a few wineries. Should be great.