Great friends and The Great Ocean Road

Have to catch up a bit. Been having trouble finding free wifi. So i’ve just bought it for the next 24 hours to get caught up. Let me just finish up my time in Australia with you.

After the Great Barrier Reef, I took my burnt backside back to the south part of Australia. This time to Melbourne to visit my girls, Oja and Sarah. These girls know how to greet a person at the airport on Valentine’s day. They were standing there with a big heart shaped balloon, which I had to carry with me the rest of the day. So cute.

After that great welcome we were off to their home in the country, in Porcupine Ridge. I think of Porpoise Spit from Muriel’s Wedding. It’s nothing like it, but the name is similar. After a pint at the Farmers Arms in the small town of Daylesford, we were off home for my first Aussie BBQ or barbie. A great night of chatting, yummy food from the garden and a sky so full of stars I couldn’t believe it. Saw the milky way for the first time. Awesome!

The girls had a great couple of days planned for me. After some errands and laundry we were off to the coast and the beautiful Apollo Bay. What a wonderful and relaxing few days by the sea. Falling asleep to the waves. Not much better than that.

After a few days a pure relaxation it was time to drive the incredible Great Ocean Road. Now that is a drive that should not be missed.


Along with the gorgeous scenery, I got to see my first koala and baby.


At the end of the road and a ferry ride, we were in the city of Melbourne for the evening. Time to replace my watch (you will be hearing from me Timex when I get home) and enjoy a great dinner.

Got to see a wallabee on the drive home and this little guy in the garden on Saturday morning.


Sadly, I said ‘see you later’ to Oja and Sarah and hello to my mom’s old friends Dorothy and Carl. Had a lovely day/evening with them. Most importantly I was able to fulfill a dream for my mom. She had always wanted to visit her dear friends in Australia, but never had a chance. So after holding on to and traveling with her ashes all through Australia, I was able to leave a bit of her with her friends. Scattered some of her ashes in their backyard. Now she can always be with them and let me tell you she has quite a view. That was the last of her ashes, so we have finally said goodbye to this wonderful lady and scattered her memory in many wonderful places in the world.

Goodbye to Australia and hello to New Zealand….

Found Nemo and a sunburn.

Did a whirlwind tour of the Great Barrier Reef. It was beautiful. Of course it was. Truly unbelievable. And I just saw a very small part of it.

I found Nemo and saw so many other fish. Even got in the water when the reef shark that was swimming around the boat. But he disappeared fairly quickly.


I took the “Oceanfree” sailboat out to the reef and to Green Island. The crew on this boat were great. They made the day really enjoyable. From morning snacks, to snorkeling tours that helped us find all the treasures of the reef and so much more. The only thing I wish they had reminded me about was sunscreen on the back of my legs and my butt. Remember when you are snorkeling that your backside is right out there in the open of the hot, hot sun. And boy am I paying for it now. Wow. Let me say that a burnt bum make everything of do harder.

But, whatever, I will survive and hopefully learn my lesson and get an okay base tan out of it.

Stayed in my first Airbnb. The place was great for the price. And my host was a very interesting woman and very helpful with my sunburn.

Now I’m in a place called Porcupine Ridge near Melbourne and I’m visiting my friends Oja and Sarah in their country home. So beautiful. Just waiting for the local kangaroo to stop by. Saw the wombat last night. And the stars in the sky were incredible. I’d never seen so many. Gorgeous.

Off to the coast today. Hopefully will find more wifi to tell you more stories.


Sydney, you are more than just the Opera House.

My first taste of Australia was a good one. Nice to slowly immerse myself in this beautiful country.

How better to really understand a city than to find that your hotel is in the Red Light district of Sydney (Kings Cross). Don’t worry, it wasn’t bad at all. The hotel was great and check out my view.


The area had everything I needed. Good restaurants, grocery store, transit, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and XXX. Maybe I didn’t care so much about the last two, but it gave the area character and lots to observe.

But, the rest of Sydney was great. Through the connection of two friends, I enjoyed some time with some friends of friends. Thank you Tak for introducing me to Stephanie, and Dean thanks for connecting me with Ginny and a few others that you didn’t know I would meet. It was so nice to have some others to spend time with.

Like everyone should do when in a city for a short while, I did the hop on and off tour. I went from sitting on a wet seat up top in the rain to getting my first sunburn of this trip. What a day. From one end of Sydney to other and over to Bondi. Let me tell you, there are far more beautiful beaches in Sydney. I could live the beach life in this city.

This city has an extensive train system. But boy are the escalators steep. You feel like you are going to go ass over tea kettle in one wrong move.

So many great things to share with you, but that is all for now. At the airport waiting for my flight to Cairns. Great Barrier Reef tomorrow. Can’t wait.

But, let me just leave you with one more interesting find. Just in case you were wondering what a Canadian breakfast is made up of, let me solve the mystery.