Hangover 3 – One Last Adventure for the Wolfpack

Did you love the first two?  Maybe you loved the first one, then watched the second because of your love for the first.  Well, you should then definitely go and see this LAST one.  I loved the first two (first more than second), so I had to figure out a way to see it on the first full day it opened.  And it was exactly what I hoped for in this final installment of the coming together of the Wolfpack.  And sadly, but happily, that’s it.  No more Hangover movies.  That’s the way to go out.  Not by dying out with the Hangover 12 when we see their kids meeting up with a grown up ‘Carlos’ for a stag in Vegas.

This one focuses more on story lines for Alan and Mr. Chow.  With the incredible support of Phil and Stu, the Wolfpack ensemble make their mark again with The Hangover III. But, don’t forget Doug , who plays a role that he has played through out the other two films.  You know what I mean, right?

I found that the first part was funny, but more story building than hilarious.  Some of which you see in the trailer with the giraffe, Alan singing like an angel and the crying.  But it’s that situation of putting the Wolfpack back together and hitting the open road.  I won’t tell you more or why they are together, but it’s when those 4 are together that trouble finds them and the movie truly starts!  Plus add Chow to the equation and watch the trouble explode.

The addition of John Goodman , who I must say is on fire these days with roles in Argo, Flight, Trouble with the Curve and much more, plays just the right role.  And inviting Melissa McCarthy into the mix was pure genius.  She makes all comedies so much better.  I love her style of comedy!

With the return of a few that you probably already know about and ones that you wouldn’t expect, wraps this last installment up well.  I must say that there were some surprises for me.  I thought that I had figured out the story by watching the trailer, but happily I hadn’t which made it very enjoyable.

I won’t spoil anymore of the movie for you.  Because if you saw the first two, you will definitely see this one.  And if you didn’t see either or both of the first two, you won’t see this one.  So you’re not interested in what I have to say anyways.

They only advice I will give though, and this should just be obvious if you saw Hangover 1 or 2, don’t leave the theatre right at the end of the movie.  Wait for a bit.  It will be completely worth it.  I laughed the hardest at what comes part way through the credits.  But, also know you don’t have to stay to the very end of the credits, just part way.  FANTASTIC!

One last point, Bradley Cooper‘s hair looks incredible in the movie.  Wow!


Hangover 2 – Great time in Bangkok!

Thanks for the memories, or lack there of, Bangkok!

The Hangover 2 was another wonderful trip.  Not sure yet if I loved it as much as the first one, but I enjoyed it.  And I’m still smiling as I think about it.

Like I’m sure you know, if you are fan, the Wolfpack is back in full form.  Thanks to a last minute decision to invite Alan, they were all together again.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to give too much of the movie away.  I think that we all know what sort of happens, if you saw the first one.  New city, new people to lose, same problems (sort of) and same Alan (Zach).  Oh Alan, you’re so funny!

After following the story of the Hangover 2 pretty much since the end of the first Hangover, there were some additions I didn’t expect and some that I did but they didn’t materialize.   Maybe I need to see it again to be 100% sure.  Wait, I’m 100% sure that I’ll see it again.

Best line from the movie does come from Alan, “We love to party”.  He does have a knack to say things at the most inappropriate times.  Just wait for it.  This time for Alan, it’s not a baby that he becomes attached to but an incredible monkey.  Now she (playing a boy monkey) does steal the scenes she’s in.  Who doesn’t love a monkey smoking?

We are blessed with another wonderful song from Stu (Ed Helms) this time strumming the guitar.  He can really summarize a situation in a lovely song while cruising down a river in Bangkok.  Sadly Doug, isn’t that involved again, but don’t worry there’s someone else to lose.

I will say just a few more things without giving away too much.  Chow is back and as crazy as ever and their good friend Mike Tyson makes his mark one this movie, not just through the copied tattoo on Stu’s face.

Thank you Wolfpack.  You know how to party.

Wait, did I just forget to mention Phil (Bradley Cooper)?  I can’t believe it.  Phil was great like always.  I love him and the way that he thinks and reacts in these situations.  Plus he is not too hard to look at.

Now, thank you Wolfpack!

I’m still laughing as I watch the trailer again.