It’s so easy to love Crazy, Stupid, Love.

How do you choose who you love more in this movie?  Do you love Steve Carell, or Emma Stone, maybe Julianne Moore or Ryan Gosling?  Well, it’s not hard to guess who, or is it?  I could say that I loved all of them for unique reasons…But what about the surprise appearances by Kevin Bacon, Marisa Tomei and who’s that, Josh Groban.  You don’t have to choose.  They are all great together.

I do suppose that most of us are liking some Ryan and his “Photoshopped” body a bit more than the others.  But, it’s the story, the acting, the chemistry, that make this an incredible movie.

Steve Carell plays a perfect man trying to figure out his new 40 something life.  Very similar to his Dan in Real Life character, but in no way a repeat of that character.  He combines traits of all the characters that we loved him playing.  Dan, Michael, Andy, Phil and even some Frank.  Maybe it is that he’s just playing a great Cal Weaver?

Ryan Gosling (Jacob) has really no problem in the role of the playboy, suave, womanizer.  But, there is a story at the core of his character that he’s really just looking to share.  Like many of us, it’s much easier to fix others than ourselves, so he takes on the job of helping the less fortune in the suave department.  In this case, Cal Weaver.  Maybe Jacob is looking for something more and trying to help some one who is long gone.  Plus, his conquests are just that and truly don’t care until Hannah, played by the incredible Emma Stone (who is quite the well deserving “it” girl right now) comes along.  You wouldn’t think it in the beginning or even after the rain, but she’s the life changing girl.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is full of very entertaining and ever changing love triangles.  Even unexpected ones.  I think that’s what I truly loved about this movie was the surprises.  So many things I just never saw coming.  Recently so many movies have been so predictable.  You know what all the upcoming lines/scenes are probably going to be.  But not with Crazy, Stupid, Love.  It’s unique.  Finally, thank you!!!

There are some great scene stealers in the children of this movie, especially the son Robbie, played by Jonah Bobo.  It’s the lesson from that 13 year old which is the true meaning of this movie, “Soul Mates”.  An interest idea or concept, but something that I think we all hope and dream off, but have trouble logically believing.  This movie might help you believe a bit more.  Ahh, if life was only a movie!

Crazy, Stupid, Love is well worth seeing and to be happily surprised by.  Enjoy!