Tackled some fears today and a bit of glacier.

What a cool day today was, literally. I walked on and through a glacier that is ever moving and changing. Unbelievably awesome day.

Here is my glacier, the Franz Josef Glacier.


Look at how small the people in blue jackets are. I was a blue jacket, just not in this picture. We walked with crampons on our boots and were on some narrow, uneven, and rocky path ways. Got the chance to walk or maneuver through tunnels and crevasses. Let me tell you that these are not made for us 6’2″ people. But I made it through. Kind of proud of myself. With having a fear of heights and small spaces, I tackled both today. (I’m patting myself on the back, really I am. Right in the middle of this coffee shop).

Just in case you miss my smiling face, here it is after my glacier experience.


This area of NZ gets about 5 metres of rain per year and yesterday they got a soaking, so that made the glacier so clean and blue and white for us today. It was a great time to see it. It’s really hard to describe how beautiful it was. But I will work on that for when I bore you all with my photos when I return.

After my bit of exercise this morning, I found it fitting and right to spend a hour or so in the thermal hot pools. Three pools ranging in temperature from 40-36C. Very important for my sore muscles. Don’t you think….

I’m finishing off my time in Franz Josef with some tea and a little time in the free wifi area so that I can update all of you. Tomorrow off to Greymouth to catch the Tranz Scenic train to Christchurch to connect with some good friends for a few days, plus some time swimming with wild dolphins on Friday. Cannot wait for that.

Let me leave you tonight with this warning.