Is Jersey Shore Style In?

So a few weeks ago I went out of town for the weekend to visit friends.  I won’t name the city but it was a university town about 2 hours outside of the Toronto.

On the Saturday night we headed out to one of the hot spots downtown.  We were sitting around having a few drinks, waiting for some good music to start and observing the crowd.  As the crowd filled out we started to realize something.  A lot of the guys were sporting Jersey Shore styles, not just the clothes but the body types and general look.

Now, I’ll admit, I do enjoy the Jersey Shore, but as entertainment, not as a true fashion style that has a place in southwestern Ontario.  I guess I can understand that this is an Italian style in some areas.  But this particular town is pretty far from being overly populated by Italians.

So what were all the Guidos, Juice Heads and Gorillas doing there?  I can’t imagine that many of these guys would admit to looking like Pauly D, Vinnie or The Situation.  But, they did and they seemed have taken on the attitude of these guys also. Now if a Snooki, J-Woww and Blast in a Glass had shown up, that would have been a laugh.

It is amazing that this show which most people don’t admit to watching is making such an impact on the fashions and styles of cities and towns around Canada and the US.

This is a great look to be entertained by, but does it really work for your average white guy?  Don’t think so.  However, thanks for giving us something to talk about and enjoy while we waiting for the buzz to hit

Jersey Shore.