Had a swim with about 400 new friends today.

What a day it was. I got the pleasure of swimming with wild dolphins in their world. And there were a lot of them. About 400 of them. Awesome!

From Christchurch, I headed out for a long, but incredible day. Our small group made our way to Kaikoura under our great guide, Karen. She is a Maori and had so many great stories and much history to share with us on our journey. I didn’t know that much about the Maori, but Realize that I want to learn more and hope to have some Maori experiences up in Rotorua in a few weeks.

After spending some time in the cute town of Kaikoura, I was off for my dolphin encounter. We donned our wetsuits and heading out to sea in search of these incredible dolphins. I’m a huge lover of the dolphin and I’ve done an encounter within an enclosure in the Dominican Republic, but nothing like this.

Under the guide of the team on the boat, we found the pod about 30 minutes off shore and we were off. The first in water experience was more of adjusting to the very cold Pacific temperatures. Little bits seeping into the wetsuits. Bit of a shock.

Saw a few then, but the real fun came in our 3rd dive in. They were everywhere and so close. Check out this shot. And this was not on zoom. They were that close.


They were swimming all around. It was surreal. It still is. Trouble believing that I did what I did.

Our 3rd of 5 dives was the best. They only allow for 5 dives in, as they don’t want to annoy the animals, as we are in their space. The Maori are very careful to ensure that this experience is preserved and not abused.

Here is another shot of just how close they got when we were swimming with them.


As we tried to make noises and sing songs under water to get their attention, they would just swim around and by us. We sounded like idiots, but anything to get them to notice us,

After our 5 times were up it was back on the boat for a final time, but now we got to observe them as they swan around and in front of the boat. They would show off a bit and just enjoy the waves that the boat was creating. So many pictures were taken at this time.


I could go on and on about this and there are tonnes of video and pictures to prove it. This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. And these animals are awe inspiring. Can’t wait to do it again one day, but for now these memories will keep me going for a long time to come.