What a day to learn to kayak!

This morning I embarked on another great Groupon deal and adventure.  This time with Toronto Adventures and their Learn to Kayak along the Humber River.  Good thing it was an early start for a Sunday because it sure was a hot one today.  Plus it’s was a new sport, didn’t want to be the one to tip and that lifejacket really kept me hot, I mean safe.  But it was all really great.

It really was a perfect day for this (though hot, but helped with sweating off the calories)  I set out with a friend and about 15 new acquaintances and a couple of great instructors (Patrick and Will) down the Humber River.  Started out right below the Old Mill TTC station.  Great to find something like this that I can actually get to by transit, just not on Sunday mornings.

It is amazing to me how all the various paddling and rowing sports can be so different.  After being a competitve rower for so many years, it really didn’t help my kayaking at all.  Other than maybe a better understanding of balancing and how to steer.  But all these paddling sports are unique and take some time to learn.

We slowly made our way down the river and got to see parts of the river and the city that I’d never seen before.  Who knew there was a Humber River Yacht club, or that some of those houses along the river were so incredible, plus as the big bonus being in nature from this vantage point.  All of this, right here in my city.  We saw a white heron (not the correct name for it), some geese, and a few other birds.  Previously, we were told that they have seen beavers, deer and turtles.  Who knows, there might have been more to see, but I was concentrating on what I was doing probably more than I needed to.

I did get the hang of it.  I know that I will be sore tomorrow or the next day.  But it was quite simple and very relaxing.  For me I wanted to learn so that one day I can try it in the ocean and in various places around Canada and the world.  It is a great way to get a new perspective on a place you already know or somewhere you are just getting to know.

Toronto Adventures is a great group.  You can rent their equipment at various waterfront places in Toronto.  I saw them yesterday at Sunnyside Beach in the west end beaches and they are at the Humber River by Old Mill TTC Station.  You can also connect with them in the east end on the Rouge River, in the beaches and even paddle into Ontario Place for concerts.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

I will definitely be giving kayaking a try again.  Thanks Toronto Adventures and Groupon for another great new opportunity/adventure in my city.