Mad Men – Season 4 – Tomorrowland

Sadly I put together the last post for Season 4 of Mad Men.  What a great season it’s been.  So much change for Don and the rest of the cast.

This episode had me saying, “WHAT?” a few times.  I thought at one point that I was watching a dream sequence.  And I didn’t think I was hearing things correctly at another point.

This season there were a few things that we could count on.  Don experiencing change in every episode.  Betty being crazy and making bad choices.  Joan surprising us and Peggy just getting better and better.

This week started with us saying goodbye to Dr. Faye, but we didn’t know it at the time.  I really thought that there was such a future for them, but looking at it now, she made Don analyze himself too much.  We know that Don’s not about that.  He’s spent most of the past few seasons (or maybe his whole life) doing that.  He needed to find a fun and happier life and Dr. Faye didn’t provide that for him.  Plus, I don’t think that she would have been any good with the children and that’s all part of the Don Draper package, even if it’s only every other weekend.

The boys met with the American Cancer Association (AMA) and probably made a good impression and hopefully some good connections.  Loved how the board at the AMA admitted that they smoked.  Could you imagine if that was true today?  Don’t think that you’d be on that board if you did.  The best part of that was when they returned to the office.  First, Roger was being his own secretary, typing his own letter, but his question was priceless, “Get cancer?”  Love it.  The writers really give him some great one liners.

Then there was Betty.  I think that Glen said it best, ” Just because you’re sad, doesn’t mean everyone has to be.”  Don’t need to pay a therapist big money anymore Betty, Glen hit the nail on the head.  Maybe he’s creepy, but he’s got you figured out.  Follow that with Betty firing the only sane person in her life, Carla.  What the hell was she thinking?  But by firing Carla, Don found the love of his life (for now).  The world works in mysterious ways.  I’m a big believer in that.

With Carla not allowed to go to California, I guess a perfect replacement will be, the little French Canadian secretary, Megan.  Plus Megan is a full service caregiver.  She will take care of 2 years olds to 40 year olds.  Impressive.  I did think at the time of the decision that we were seeing the old Don coming out.  But, I think that Megan does bring out a different side to him, aside of the sex that he needs.  In California, we really did see the culmination of the changes of Don Draper.  He was great with the kids (hanging out with them and playing with them in the pool), he had some closure in regards to Anna, and I guess he found someone that he can be himself with.  As she said, Don has a, “Good heart and is always trying to be better.”  It was nice to see how she was with the kids and how she is the complete opposite to Betty.  So much calmer.  Those kids will be wanting to live with Don and Megan in no time.  As an aside, I love how Don’s style changes from East coast to West coast.  That man can really pull off any style.

As I mentioned, I really thought that we were in some kind of dream sequence when Don asked Megan to marry him.  I just kept waiting for him to wake up and it all be a dream.  But, no.  It was real.  Didn’t see that coming.  I know I should of when he got Anna’s engagement ring.  Don you work fast.  And sadly for Dr. Faye her prediction, when she and Don first met, of him being married within the year has come true, just not with her.

With congratulations from all and for all (thanks to Peggy for bringing in the new account, you go girl, saving the company) it was important to see how Peggy was going to take all of this.  The exchange between Don and Peggy was what it should be.  After a season of growth for both of them and for their relationship, Don was gracious and so was Peggy.  Still love that relationship.

The absolute best part of the entire episode was when Peggy marched into Joan’s office, slammed the door and they lite their cigarettes and did what all of us girls do so well, gossip and bitch.  Their is a relationship that has also changed this season.  They have definitely had their ups and downs.  As the season comes to a close, Peggy and Joan can sit down together, have a smoke and share a moment.  Love it.

However, the biggest shock of the finale was that Joan is pregnant.  REALLY?  So was she pregnant before the incident with her, Roger, the mugger and the alley?  Or are we just taking a chance on who’s baby this is?  What will Roger say?

As we close up season 4 we see the end of the life Don and Betty built together.  They share a moment in the kitchen.  Betty did however look like Cruella Di Vil, as she stood in the kitchen.  Don gets better and Betty gets worse.

Season 5 will be a good one.  Can’t wait.  Looking forward to next summer already.  Thanks Mad Men for an awesome season.  See you soon!

Mad Men – Season 4 – Blowing Smoke

What’s going to happen to Sterling Cooper Draper Price?  Cooper is leaving.  He’s had enough.  Wait, let’s back up and see how we got to that point.

After, what I’m sure is, an expensive consultant sets up a meeting with Philip Morris, it falls through and so do much of the hopes of the partners.  With that screw up and the fact that all other potential clients are doing the “we’ll see in six months” (Heinz) it’s time to clean house at SCDP.  Before we do that, Don has some things he must go through as part of the process of creating the new and improved Don Draper.  This season we seen lots of changes in Don.  Cutting down on the drinking, starting to exercise, kind of being loyal to one woman (small steps), starting to deal with his crap, letting others in and so much more.

Part of this process, unknown to him, is looking back at his previous life.  Midge tracking him down helps with that process.  Maybe not for her, the heroin addicted artist that she is now.  But Don, needed it to see what was and what could have been. Feeling sorry for Midge, he gives her money for one of her paintings, “Number 4” and moves on.  The painting is supposedly what Midge sees when she closes her eyes.  Don takes a second look at it as he goes to throw it out and move on.  After taking some time to really look at the painting, he is inspired to write his letter which turns into a full page ad in the NY Times about what SCDP is no longer interested in.  Tobacco accounts.  Obviously, this doesn’t go over well with the partners, but as part of the changing Don Draper, it is a huge change and load off his shoulders.

As part of the changes that need to happen at the agency all the partners have to give of their savings to save the company for another “six months”.  And it’s time to start the process of cutting staff.  But not before we see another hope that Don Draper has changed, paying Pete’s part of the partner payment.  A call from the American Cancer Association gives Don hope that he did the right thing.  No one else does though, yet.

As always, the relationship of Don and Peggy had some short but important moments in the episode.  Peggy can talk straight up with Don and he will listen.  Peggy supports Don, in a sarcastic way, about the letter (“I thought you didn’t go in for those kinds of shenanigans,”she smiles.).  I’ll just say it again, I love the relationship that they have.  So interesting.  The interaction between Peggy and Dr. Faye, as she is on her way out, also provides insight into what Peggy is striving for.  She sees Dr. Faye as some what of a mentor in how to deal with men in this world.

Then it’s time to say goodbye to many of the minor, yet sometimes interesting, characters of Sterling Cooper Draper Price, including, not so minor, Bert Cooper (“girl, get my shoes”).

What about our little Sally Draper?  Wow, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there.  Like mother like daughter.  Both manipulators and both in great need to therapy.  Is Sally playing the therapist like she is playing her mother?  And what about Glen?  He does have a lock of Betty Drapers hair from season one.  He is one weird kid.  I guess that Sally is his way to feel close to Betty.  As part of playing her mother, Sally is trying to play all mature and calm to be someone she is not so that Betty will believe that she’s getting better.  Dinner with the adults and not having meltdowns every second, until of course talk of moving comes up.  What will Sally do now?  She is becoming all philosophical though.  Talking to Glen about her dream and forever.  Her reference to the Land o’ Lakes butter girl holding a picture of herself holding a picture of herself holding a picture of herself…Great advertising reference (Daddy Draper would be proud), but also an insight into the mind of Sally Draper.

At the end of all of this, Don and Dr. Faye can live their relationship out in the open.  Don can sleep at night.  It’s a new start for Sterling Draper Price (no Cooper).  What will our final episode of the season hold for us?  How will we move on to 1966?  No sneak peek this week, other than “Season 4 Finale. Opportunity arises for Don and Peggy.”  Hmmmmm!

Mad Men – Season 4 – Chinese Wall

We are getting down to it.  Only a few more episodes left in season 4 of Mad Men.  That makes me sad, but excited as to how this season will close off.  Wait.  Stop.  I’m getting a head of myself.  Let’s enjoy the time that we have left together in season 4.

This episode was based around something that Peggy said.  “Every time something good happens, something bad happens.”  This week took a look at a variety of the characters and how life is affected by a statement like that.  We started out with another encounter for Peggy with Abe.  Abe looks a bit better when he’s just been to the beach.  And you have love our Peggy Olsen.  At the end of the day, it’s about the hook up.  Forget about how he annoyed her before.  She’s just a bit of a horn dog like the rest of the “boys” on Madison Ave.  That led to a little more something something at the office.  Giving Stan the idea that he could have a go.  No, no, Stan.  Peggy does have some standards.  “Why do you keep making me reject you?”, Peggy said to him as she pushed him away. A man scorned, can be a prick.  Not telling her that she had lipstick on her teeth for the big presentation.  Poor Peggy.  Still a woman in a man’s world.

I was proud of our Joan for putting a stop to things with Roger, the little liar.  I do love how Joan is just a regular girl at home in comfy jammies.  At least someone on TV is showing a bit of real life.  No one hangs out at home in tight, form fitting clothing and stiletto heels (even though I’m sure many men would like that).  Roger had a great line as he was leaving Joan’s.  “That night we got mugged, that was the last time?  Wish I had known that.”  Why because you would have made that alley way a bit more romantic and that wall you had Joan against a little more comfy?  Oh Roger.  For Roger his life was affected by the theme a bit different.  Bad happened, lying and losing Joan, then good, his book is done.  Who will read that one?

Pete Campbell is finally a daddy.  To a little girl.  Congrats.  What a day.  Company is sinking and his personal life is riding high.  Good, then bad.  Who knows how things will end up for Pete.  He was pretty much headhunted by CGC in the hospital waiting room.  Interesting place for business.

Finally, there’s Don Draper.  As we hold on to the dream that he’s changed, sadly he hasn’t.  He’s a guy that needs to be loved.  One sign of things not perfect with Faye and he’s on the couch with another.  We all saw that one coming.  Another Madison Ave horn dog.  Before all that, he was the one to make sure that the troops at the agency believed that all was going okay and they wouldn’t be affected by the loss of American Tobacco.  Thanks for lying to all of them.  Makes them all feel more secure.  As his business is crumbling around him, the team hits a funeral to try and get clients (classy), he finds that his girlfriend actually has ethics and doesn’t do what is asked of her.  Good for you Faye.  However, we all know what Don Draper wants, he gets.

Another good looking assistant falls to the sexual powers of one Don Draper.  “Let me help you”, “I want to learn and do what you do one day”, “I’m creative” and “I’m from Montreal”.  Oh Megan, really?  You just want a little Don Draper for yourself.  This won’t end well, like all the girls before.  Don can’t help himself, even though he does protest a few times (was proud of him, for a second), before it’s couch time for him and Megan.  But, how does Don feel when he gets home and the lovely Faye is waiting for him.  She must really love this guy to go against her ethics to get him a meeting with Heinz, you know they make sauces and vinegars.  I think that we almost saw Don’s remorse for what he had just done.  Didn’t Faye smell Megan’s perfume on him?  Oh well, all is good for Don and Faye.  Just a little cuddle on the couch and they are back on track.  What Faye doesn’t know won’t hurt her…

Looking forward to what the last two episodes have in store for us.  Here’s a sneak peek at next week and the master manipulator that is Sally Draper.  A perfect mix of he mother and father’s worst traits.

Mad Men – Season 4 – Hands and Knees

It was a night all about abortion, desertion and interracial relationships.  Not an episode light on emotion.

First off, didn’t I call the pregnancy last week.  I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one out there with that idea after the post mugging alley rendezvous.  Oh Joan.  I do feel for you.  But, if I remember correctly this isn’t your first abortion.  Hence the age of your imaginary daughter at the abortion clinic.  Hmmmm?

Before I talk about the downward spiral that is Don Draper’s lies and desertion, what about the surprise from our straight laced, Lane.  Look at him with his, as he calls her, “chocolate bunny.”  Didn’t see that coming from Lane.  After his stuck up wife, I think why he would look for someone who is more fun and the polar opposite.  The real story here though is Lane’s horrible father.  Now that is one unpleasant man.  That wack across the face with his cane was unbelievable.  And then stepping on his hand until he gave in.  Could you imagine being physically hit by your father at that age?  I guess that daddy-o knocked some sense, more like fear, into his son, as Lane is on the first plane home.  Love his last line in the meeting though, the company is in sound fiscal shape.  Oh how little you know.  It won’t be the same when you return, my friend.

Desertion and Don Draper just go hand in hand.  I was impressed that he did come clean with Dr. Faye.  As I’ve said before, our Don is growing up and building a mature relationship.  Other than the last moments in the episode as he looked Megan up and down.  Back off Don.  You have a good thing going.  Back to his lies and desertion.  The range of emotion that Jon Hamm (Don) is playing out this season is amazing.  Might be an Emmy in his future yet.  Even though Pete has figured out a way to stop the investigation, really has it ended?  I can’t imagine the government just letting that go even if the clearance isn’t needed anymore.  What will happen with the desertion and Don now?

Another highlight of the episode was Pete sitting with Trudy talking about how hard it is to be one of the honest people out there and how the liars in the world just get away with it.  Pete, you as a liar, would know all about that.  How can even get those words out without being struck down.  Let’s see where do we start?  Getting Peggy pregnant, basically raping the nanny next door and I’m sure many other lies.  Pete, Pete, Pete…

The big news that Roger’s keeping under his hat is the loss of American Tobacco.  With Don’s need to keep up a lie, they’ve lost the one client that could replace American Tobacco, North American Aviation.  Don’s lie is potentially going to cost them the entire business and affect the lives of everyone at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  Covering up is getting to be a bit much Don.  I think that we will see a few more panic/anxiety attacks for good old Don Draper.  Better keep Dr. Faye close by.

There was a nice moment for Daddy Don who made one Sally Draper ecstatic with tickets to the Beatles (the biggest thing going at the time).  And even more shocking was seeing Betty smiling.  It looked genuine and not one of jealousy.  Too bad she lost all that happiness when she had to cover up for Don with the FBI.  Always short lived happiness for Betty Francis.

Check out the sneak peak for next week’s episode “Chinese Wall”.

Mad Men – Season 4 – The Beautiful Girls

Seems like it was Ladies Day on Mad Men.  A little time with all my favourite and unique ladies.  Joan, Dr. Faye and Peggy.  Plus some time with the resident little lady, Sally Draper.

I guess it’s been a couple of weeks since Don dropped Dr. Faye off.  They have already moved on to afternoon delights.  And it sure sounded like everyone was delighted.  I must say I’m in support of this relationship.  An actual smart lady who has substance.

This episode is called “The Beautiful Girls”.  I guess if you weren’t one, they had to kill you off.  Good bye Miss Blankenship.  Sorry to see you go.  You really added a special something to the world of Don Draper.  But a great line came out of her death, “I’d have my secretary do it, but she’s dead”.   Interesting choice of action after she saw annoying and greasy haired Sally Draper arrive.  There are other ways to get out of looking after her.  RIP Miss Blankenship.

What’s with this little Sally Draper?  Now, I’m not her biggest fan.  She’s quite a piece of work.  Take about being a product of your environment.  Sally was a little less annoying in the episode, but she did try to take on the role of the wife, taking care of Don.  Making him that yummy rum soaked french toast.  (side note, might want to give that one a try).  However, we never really found out why she really did come all that way on her own.  I guess just because she wants to live with her dad.  Oh well, she’ll get a good beating from her lovely mother on her way home.  We will probably see little Sally back again soon knocking down daddy’s door.

Now over to Joan and Roger, really?  Get mugged and have sex against a wall a few steps away from where it happened.  I know that a tragedy can bring people together, but really….Hopefully they had protection (obviously not from the mugging, but something a little more scary), or that could get interesting.  Before all that happened, it was nice that Roger sent Joan the door to door spa ladies.  How Swedish were they?  Really, I think that Roger is her only friend in that office.  She does know quite well that nothing comes from Roger for free.   However, he didn’t have to work so hard for what he got in the end.

Our other Beautiful Girl is Peggy.  It was great to see, that guy from the party, Abe come back.  Was it just me, or did he seem better looking and cooler the last time we saw him?  Must have been the lighting, the raid and kissing in the closet that made him seem that way.  He sure was pushing all his political views this time.  Now our Peggy has beliefs, not the religious kind but, and stands true to them.  She is not a political girl.  I admit, I wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did listening to him yammering on.  She made good points about how hard it is for women out there, especially as she tries to blaze her path in her small little world.

It’s hard for Peggy to find that right group to fit in with.  Political lesbians, frat boy co-workers, perfect girls or her family.  She’s not one of the stereotypical girls of the steno-pool in the office.  She’s not a drop dead gorgeous girl with a great body, like Joan.  However, that doesn’t seem to be making Joan happy either.  Nor is Peggy the smart, sophisticated type like Dr. Faye.   We did see that even Dr. Faye has some issues also.  But, she’s got Don to make it all better, for now.  I think that these 3 ladies should form a club.  I’m sure they don’t want to admit, but they are the outcasts.  Not the norm for women at the time.  Beautiful girls in their own way, but so much more than that.

One final observation, how can these women drink like they do and not gain weight.  Geez, I have a couple of bottles of wine on the weekend and I feel like a blimp.  Maybe straight scotch or vodka is the way to go.  Johnny Walker on ice for me from now on.

Mad Men – Season 4 – The Summer Man

What’s happening to our favourite bad boy, Don Draper?  Is he growing up?  Changing?  Realizing that his drunk, womanizing ways are not the best path in life?

In this episode, The Summer Man, along with the change in season, we see the continuation of a changing Don Draper, after the phenomenal Don/Peggy episode of last week.

We start with a dip in the pool at the New York Athletic Club where Don can’t even get through a full length of the pool without almost coughing up a lung.  But, as Don says it tough to get in that first time, once you are in your are free and you don’t even sweat.  There is nothing like a good swim to clear your head.  But, you do have to love our freshly showered Don Draper coming out of the gym, putting on the cool shades and lighting up.  Maybe it’s the smoking that’s making it tough to swim?  One step at a time.  You still look great.

Along with the swim, comes a decrease in the alcohol consumption and the start of journalling.  Yes, I said it.  Don Draper is journalling.  Writing down his thoughts and feelings.  A man from the 60s writing down his feelings.  Heck a man from any decade writing down his thoughts and feelings.  Amazing.

This new Don Draper finally gets a date with Dr. Faye and he’s such a gentleman.  So impressed.  Is this something that we should get use to or will our old Don be back?  Not sure which I want?  New Don will be good for a while.

Then there was poor Joan.  As Dr. Faye said to Don, when you are out of sorts you should look at the calendar, because something is probably about to happen.  For Joan that’s basic training for her husband.  For Don, it’s his son’s birthday, who doesn’t know him.

Joey treated Joan horribly and if that happened in the current day and age he would have got a lot more than fired.  Was glad to see Joey leave and to see Peggy do the firing.  It was time for her to stand up and make a point to those boys.  What will the dynamic be now?  You do have to feel bad for Joan.  She really doesn’t have any friends and not doing much to help herself, as she tells Peggy off for firing Joey.  Joan is going to go through a rough couple of months.

Of course, as mentioned before we had to deal with Betty and Henry this week.  Henry driving into Don’s stuff.  Which Don ended up throwing in a dumpster.  So there, Henry.  And what is going through Betty’s head?  Jealousy of Don’s life?  Missing Don?  Wishing she didn’t have the kids to deal with?  What?  Betty also has some demons to deal with.

Was glad to see Don show up to baby Gene’s birthday party.  Our Don is a changing man.  And with Dr. Faye’s story, I think that he really heard what the moral was.  “Kindness, gentleness, and persuasion win where force fails.”  Maybe we should all think about that…..

And just a final observation that I’ve had before, I’m always amazing how nothing is missed on this show.  The gyms, the restaurants, the apartment buildings and even the tab on the can of beer.  Yes, Don peeled back the tab on the beer to open it, just like the old days.  Impressive.  And the restaurant where he was having his date and ran into Betty, Barbetta, is one that people would have frequented at the time and still do.  And the apartment building where Don dropped little Miss Blow Job off at, was a place for women only to live.  The Barbizon.  Great job Mad Men!

Mad Men – Season 4 – The Suitcase

Peggy vs. Don.  Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston.  Which was a better fight?  I didn’t see the actual boxing match, but I would have to say the match between Peggy and Don was a pretty good one.  One that I think was long in the making and well worth the wait.  But who won that one?  One other point, Don and Peggy’s struggle lasted all night, where was the boxing match was over in seconds.

Who doesn’t love a Peggy and Don centric episode.  What a range of emotion and the depth that we saw in their friendship.  Who ever said that guys and girls couldn’t be friends?  This is quite a relationship between Don and Peggy.

Peggy doesn’t have a very good 26th birthday.  Don rips her a new one about the suitcase campaign, she meets up with Pete’s wife Trudy (his second baby mama) in the bathroom, where Trudy proceeds to tell her that she still has time (little does Trudy know), then Don ruins her birthday when he decides they need to work since he has no where to go and is hiding from the truth of Anna death.  Deep down I think that Don knows that there’s no one else in his life like Peggy and she’s the one that can help him get through this.  Even though he makes it so tough for Peggy.  Peggy did have one high light (sort of) when she got flowers and a job offer from the gross, drunk guy Duck.  Really Peggy what were you thinking with that guy.

Peggy is pulled in both directions that night.  How many times did she make it to the elevator and not get on?  I think at least 3.  Was Peggy being pulled back because of wanting to excel at her job or is it that connection that she has with Don and that she feels for him.  Sympathy or pity or just plain friendship.  To bad that Peggy was being pulled by her annoying boyfriend who had gone and invited all the people that she doesn’t really like to her birthday.   Her mom, sister, brother-in-law and weird roommate.  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of him and Peggy can meet up with that cool artsy guy she kissed at that party with the lesbian a few weeks ago.

Back to Don and Peggy.  The range of their relationship was presented so well and we got to see it continue to build.  There was more emotion is this episode than we’ve seen in ages.  We only seem to see Don cry when Anna is involved.  Peggy and Don were brought from anger to tears to laughter to comfort through one evening.  After the night of ups and downs, secrets about co-workers, compliments, $100 lost in seconds, a first trip to the men’s room for Peggy, a fight between drunks, passing out together on the couch and sharing a deeply emotional moment, Peggy and Don were still friends in the morning.  It was the moment after the phone call, that confirmed Anna’s death, that really said it all.  Crying, Don describes Anna as “the only person in the world who really knew me.” Peggy rubs his back. “That’s not true,” she says.

I completely expected Don to be all cold and Don-like in the morning.  Like the night before never happened.  But when Peggy was rudely woken up by her annoying co-workers in the morning, not looking her best, she checked in with Don.  Looking like nothing had happened and he had got his beauty sleep, Don shared his idea with Peggy for the campaign.  Not so sure about it, Peggy agreed with it.  Don acknowledged the evening and what they shared with a “couldn’t have made it with out you” hand squeeze.

Oh Don Draper, you aren’t half bad.

Mad Men – Season 4 – Waldorf Stories

First off, congrats to Mad Men for winning the 2010 Emmy for Best Drama.  You are so deserving of that honour.

Who would have ever thought that we would see Don Draper being the one almost begging for something.  With that flashback of Roger’s we got to see just that.  Don was all wet behind the ears and ready to take on the world from the fur company, he was working for, when Roger needed a little something for his little something on the side at the time, Joan.  Don would stop at nothing, even almost stalking, to get a job with Roger at his agency.  I do look forward to learning more through Roger’s flashbacks, for his memoirs, about how Don became the cocky, Clio winning, ad man that he is today (in 1965).

Yes, the Clio’s.  Any of you in the ad world will know these well as they are still handed out today and still an award that’s sought after.  Every ad person wants to win an award for their work, especially for bragging rights with their peers from the other agencies.  Don, Roger, Pete and their good luck charm Joan attended the awards and came out winners, just before they had to head back to the office and pitch the Quaker people.  Yes, it’s important to ride the high of being the big winner, but not always the best idea to pitch new business when you are three sheets to the wind.  Drunk as a skunk.  Slogans are said that will come back to haunt you and make you do things that you just don’t want to do, like hire Roger’s wife’s useless cousin.

That drinking can also lead to you losing a day or two, sleeping with a girl or two and not remembering any of it or your children.  Way to go Don, now you’ve really pissed Betty off.  She did have an important brunch to go to after all.  Maybe cutting back on the drinks of social nature might be a good idea.  No.  That wouldn’t be any fun for us.

The other side to this episode found Peggy faces some issues with recognition and wanting to be more in charge than her experience allows at this point.  Peggy’s having a rough time with her new Art Director, Stan.  Not sure where I was when he got hired, but he seemed to appear out of no where for me.  He’s a bit of pig.  But, the feisty Peggy doesn’t take any crap, other than from Don, and calls Stan on his pig like, “Liberal” views and strips down in the hotel, where they are brainstorming, to see how far her new co-worker will take his liberal attitude.  Got to love Peggy.  You really got Stan’s attention, didn’t you.

It’s always that Peggy who plays Don’s conscious or keeps him in line.  She shows up at his place and has to remind me of the mistake that he made and how he has to fix it.  That relationship between Don and Peggy is so intriguing.  The only woman in Don’s life where there’s not sexual tension (other than his secretary – definitely nothing there), but one that Don will actually listen to, when it counts.

I must say one last thing, I love the way that Dr. Faye keeps Don in line.  When will he break her?  Or when will she break him?

Mad Men – Season 4 – The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Back to business.  Got to love when an episode focuses mainly on the goings on of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  And this week did a great job.  It brought together the business side and the history of America.  In this case, it was the affect of WWII on Roger and his view of some new potential clients.  You might know this company.  It was just a small motorcycle company called Honda.  Wondering what ever happened to them?

In true Mad Men style, they took into account the characters, their life history and the history and current status of America.  With so many veterans in the workplace at the time, it was the Japanese that were experiencing prejudice as they tried to break into the American market with their customs and rules.  Something that the boys at the agency had not experienced before.  Luckily they have Bert, and his love of the Japanese culture, to help them understand what’s ahead of them.

With Roger forbidding these potential clients, the boys had to work behind his back, which back fires and embarrasses the company with racism towards the Japanese.  Luckily, it’s the creative and cunning mind of Don Draper that fixes the problem while playing the Honda Motorcycle company and their competitors, CGC.

On the other side of the show was the continuing issues between Sally and Betty.  There is one unfit mother.  Thank goodness that Henry came into her life, or who knows what Betty would be doing to Sally by this point.  Obviously, Sally is lashing out at the whole situation between her horrible mother and her over sexed father.  Cutting her hair, touching herself in public and who knows what else.  Instead of trying to help and support her daughter, it’s off to the child psychologist for her.  Interesting thing happened at the psychologist though.  It’s suggested that this might help Betty to talk to someone also.  You think?

I really feel that we are just about to open Pandora’s box though.  Think that Grandpa Gene might have had a hand in some of the issues that both Betty and Sally have.  We will see how this all plays out.  Will it bring those two closer together?  Who are we kidding, Betty won’t get help and she will never believe anything bad about her dad.  What will become of our little Sally?  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, months, years.

Mad Men – Season 4 – The Rejected

Happy morning after Mad Men or Monday.  Still smiling from another great episode of Mad Men.  I’m just so impressed with this show ever week.  Last night was centred around the egotistical Pete Campbell and the ever interesting and evolving Peggy Olsen. With the news that Pete and Trudy were finally pregnant, you had to know that would really affect Peggy and even cold hearted Pete as he thinks of their history.

Peggy is such an unique character on Mad Men.  While everyone else fits into a stereo type for the era, Peggy really broke the mold.  Peggy is going out there an changing things up for women (or just herself) and willing to try just about anything (not lesbianism though).  Best lines of the night, “I have a boyfriend,” Peggy says. “He doesn’t own your vagina,” Joyce replies. “No, but he’s renting it,” laughs Peggy.  Pure gold!

For what seemed like a naive girl who got knocked up her first week of work, has gone on to become the first female copywriter at the agency without having to sleep with Don to get the position, implied by the secretary last night.  Peggy was disgusted by what was being suggested.  Peggy has achieved her accomplishments with hard work and persistence.  No sleeping around for her.  Not with the right men anyways.  Wait, I guess that’s not true.  But in the end she didn’t change agencies to work with Duck.

We did get to see the two sides of Peggy last night.  The hard working girl with goals standing up to Don’s secretary and the contrast of her softer side when she found out about Pete’s baby.  It was really nice to see their exchanges last night, through words or glances.  Finally showing a caring side to Pete Campbell.  It was their finally glance, as Pete is in the lobby and Peggy heads out to lunch with her new friends, that created a very special moment which made me feel that the book is closed on these two or we are just putting it away on the shelf for a while, so that we can grab it later.

Pete Campbell.  What to say about this guy?  You love to hate him.  He is a “son of a bitch” according to his father-in-law.  But he can manipulate those around him to make himself look good.  Doesn’t work so well with Don or Roger, but those that Pete deems are below him as he climbs that corporate ladder.

Just an aside, I just started to watch the show Community and figured out that Trudy is on that show also.  Wow, she plays very different characters.  Not bad to have two jobs in Hollywood.

The other real funny highlight of the show has to be Don’s new “girl” (used very loosely).  That’s what he needs, a nice older lady who’s dress he will never want to get under.  And she and Don will be the butt of many jokes around the office.  Fun!

The closing scene was very intriguing to me.  Don arriving home watches as his elderly female neighbor wheels her groceries down the hallway. “Did you get pears?” her husband asks repeatedly. “We’ll discuss it inside,” she says.

What does this mean?