Donny and Marie in Toronto – Great Entertainers!

Just home from a great show put on by Donny and Marie (Osmond) in Toronto.  Now those are entertainers.  They sing their own songs, they can dance and they can make us laugh (and maybe cry a bit).

I know that some don’t feel the way I do about them or may not even know who I’m talking about.  But Donny and Marie were my every Friday night growing up.  They were part of the last really great variety shows like Sonny and Cher and Carol Burnett.

I’ve seen their show in Vegas and it was fantastic.  Much more intimate.  Tonight there was a lot of the same bits and songs but quite a few new ones. Both shows were great in their own ways.  I truly enjoyed the new songs just as much as I did the old favourites. Amazingly, Donny said that they have been in showbiz for 48 years.  He’s working on his 60th album.

Their voices are so strong, the show is great for all ages. As Donny said on Breakfast Television, for those from 9 to 90. And I did have my 9 year old niece with me tonight and I think that she enjoyed it.

If you are a fan like me (or just enjoy a great show) and have the time, check them out at the Four Season Centre for Performing Arts before July 17th. Which I must say, that place is gorgeous and the sound is incredible.

And in the style of the Donny and Marie show, let me just say Good Night Everyone!