TV Mid-Season New Shows 2011

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year.  My gosh, it’s 2011.  Wow.  This is an interesting mid season in the world of TV.  It’s unlike the past few January’s, as the past few years many of us were excitedly waiting for the return of our favourites, like “LOST” or “24”.  But they are both gone now.  Really there are not many really big shows that are returning during this mid season.

There is “V”, but I’m not sure how many of us are watching this.  I do and find it pretty good.

Of course we have all of those reality type shows returning like “Idol” and “Amazing Race”.  Plus some new ones like “Live to Dance”, which I really don’t really get.  They go, however, fill a spot for the viewers out there.  I am going to be showcasing some of the scripted shows that are new on the networks.  They seem to be starting anytime between January and April of 2011.

Off the Map (ABC/Global TV Wed. Jan 12, 10pm)

Looks like it might be fun.  Kind of like Grey’s Anatomy takes a road trip.  The question is, who will be the McSteamy or McDreamy?  Maybe the Aussie?  This equation works.  Look at the success of Grey’s and Private Practice.  The difference is this one comes with exotic scenery and crazy illnesses and accidents.  See preview below.

Body of Proof (ABC Tuesday March 29, 10pm)

Nothing like a Neurosurgeon turned Medical Examiner who has lost everything.  Bit of chip on her shoulder and a nothing to lose attitude.  Body of Proof looks like it will be interesting.  Dana Delany always adds a little something special to shows that she is a part of.  I’ll probably give this one a chance.

Happy Endings (ABC Wed. April 13, 10pm)

This one has potential.  The supporting cast looks like they will carry this show.  But like a popular show of a few years ago, “Friends”, this show equation has tried to work since the end of that show.  Maybe it will work with this one.  Looks like one that will help the late 20s/early 30s out there know that they are not alone.

Mr. Sunshine (ABC Wed. Feb 9, 9:30pm, CTV Monday Feb 7, 8:30pm)

I love the cast of this show.  Matthew Perry, Allison Janney and James Lesure.  I’m looking forward to this one. It will make sense to the late 30s/early 40s crew out there.  The situation is different from other shows like it.  It’s based in an arena that will host various events and therefore different situations.

The Cape (NBC/CityTV Premiere Sunday Jan 9th, 9pm, regular slot Mondays at 9pm)

Not on the top of my list to watch this season, but who knows I might be surprised.  Keeping an open mind.

Harry’s Law (NBC/CityTV Monday Jan 17, 10pm)

Kathy Bates.  Do I need to say more?  I don’t think so.  She has re-entered the world of scripted TV with her re-occurring role on The Office as the new owner.  She is funny, sarcastic and always fun to watch.  Looking forward to this one.

Perfect Couples (NBC  Thursday Jan 20, 8:30pm)

The title of the show pretty much says it all.  It’s a show about couples who think they are perfect compared to their other “couple” friends.  Really none of them are.  Which is where I assume the comedy will come from.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour (CBS/CTV) – Forest Whitaker is in this show.  I think it will be good just because of that.

Chaos (CBS) – No comment yet.

Mad Love (CBS) – No much to say yet, other than the cast looks pretty good.  A lot of my favourites, especially Judy Greer and Sarah Chalke.  Can’t wait to see when this one will start.

The Chicago Code (Fox/Global TV Monday Feb 7, 9pm)

Another police drama.  Yipee.  This one in Chicago.  A little different.  Interesting cast.  There is potential for this one.  Not sure if I’ll be watching.  Might give it a chance.

Traffic Light (Fox, Tuesday Feb 8, 9:30pm)

I think that I will really like this one.  For any one who likes the movie Love Actually and liked the character Colin Frissell, they will see that he (Kris Marshall) is in this new show.  This one is a nice mix of friends at different points in their lives.  A good variety of situations for us to enjoy each week.

InSecurity (CBC Tuesday Jan. 4 8:30pm)

Just wanted to mention this one, as one of the actors (the one showcased in this video) went to my high school.  All the best Richard Yearwood.

Check out the new shows.  There are a bunch of good shows that are on cable, but I don’t get many of those channels.  If there are other shows that I missed, definitely tell me about them.   Enjoy your TV watching.