Falling in love with…

…New Zealand.

Had you there for a second, didn’t I. But, you would also. And all of those that have been here, know what I’m talking about.

Let me backup. I took JetStar airlines from Melbourne to Queenstown and that was an experience. I will not complaint about Air Canada for a minute, as I appreciate them so much more now. Because they offer that free benefit on their flights of “free” water. Yes, JetStar won’t even give you free water. That led to a horrible migraine headache my first night in Queenstown. Nothing like a migraine when sharing a room with 4 other girls in a youth hostel. Who knew that water would become a perk on a flight. REALLY!

Enough of my bitching. Back to the awesome NZ. I was greeted at the airport by Alexa, a wonderful friend of my friend Leslie. Thanks for that great connection. She treated me to a few hours of touring before my migraine took over the evening. Off we went to the place where bungee was invented. Wasn’t tempted to try it, don’t worry. Had enough trouble even walking on the bridge.


After a few more stops at some of the lovely wineries in the area, it was time to call it a day for my head. Luckily the hostel beds were comfy. Being on the top bunk is like being 10 years old again. Sadly my body isn’t and it’s not that easy to hoist this big frame up to the top bunk. But once there, it’s like having a sky bed. Fun!

I was as good as new on my first and only full day in Queenstown. Had an early start for my day trip to Milford Sound It was a long 12 hour day with lots of time on the bus, but it’s all about the journey not just the destination. We saw so much beauty on the way there and while on the Milford Sound boat cruise. Here are just a few pictures.

20120221-193947.jpg 20120221-194004.jpg 20120221-194019.jpg



I looked at all the breathtaking waterfalls and I was reminded of something I heard a few years ago when I was in Maui. Some one said that they didn’t want to go on a specific tour because they had seen enough waterfalls. Do you really think that is possible? I don’t. Each is so unique and beautiful. Just my opinion.

My Tuesday saw me leaving Queenstown and heading for Franz Josef. On to the bus again for me. The bus drivers here are like tour guides. Pointing out interesting sights and places. Can’t imagine our Greyhound drivers doing that. But I might be wrong. Maybe they do that on interesting drives.

The 8 hour bus ride didn’t seem that long with all there was too see. There was a lot of rain on our trip and you know what that created, more waterfalls. Kind of cool to know that a waterfall wasn’t there in the morning but was a few hours later. Like this one:


It’s time to recharge my iPad and to take a shower before bed, so that I’m all ready to hike the Franz Josef Glacier tomorrow. Should be great fun. Hope the rain let’s up.