Moms and Butterflies

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there enjoying today and the ones that only fill our memories now.

I wanted to share a story about my mom, who passed almost 6 years ago, and how she continues to show up in my life.  The day that my mom died in September of 2006, was a beautiful sunny and warm day.  Exactly the day it should have been, as she was the most sunny and warm person I’ve ever known and probably will ever know.  Everyone who ever met her or knew her would say the exact same thing, it’s not just daughter bias.  But, on that day as the last minutes were passing and passed, we looked out the window at the hospital and all we could see through the sun were beautiful monarch butterflies.  The sight of those butterflies really made an impact and memory for my sister and I.  There was something about those graceful and gorgeous butterflies that made us think about my mom and made us wonder if her spirit became one with them.

I say this because it is those beautiful monarch butterflies that show up at that most interesting times.  We have seen them on the flowers at my sister’s house on anniversaries of her passing, on important days like the first day of school and birthdays.  And more importantly, on the days when you just need to know that she’s around.

Last week, I walked out of my apartment and there was one just flitting around the yard and just stopped while I stopped, smiled at it and walked on.  And one followed the family around at the park that same weekend, almost making sure that everyone was doing well.

I know that some people would have trouble believing my story, but when you’ve lost someone you just need little things like butterflies to hold on to and help remind you that you are still loved by a wonderful soul like my mother.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day