Draft Day – Not just for NFL fans

There was something about Draft Day that intrigued me even before all the marketing hype began for it.  I had decided that I was going to see it in theatre, yes in theatre.  That’s a big commitment these days.  The concept for the movie and the lead characters, Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner really interested me.  Now, I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Garner since her days on Alias, so it’s not a tough sell for me to go to a movie with her in it.

I was all prepared to go and check it out in the coming weeks, but then as luck, or Facebook, would have it I won a pass to an advance screening of the movie the other day.  Thanks to eOne, I got to enjoy Draft Day before everyone else and see it for free.  Not bad.  However, after seeing this movie I would have happily paid for it.

Now understand I’m not a fan of the NFL, unless it’s the SuperBowl, but I am a sports fan.  The business of sports is an interesting one and when you add the tension of deadlines like during the draft, it makes it even more exciting.  The movie is all about time, from the count down of 12 hours until the draft, to putting deals on the table and only giving seconds to accept to the pure excitement of being on the clock for the 10 minutes at the draft and making a decision for your team.

It was all of these deadlines and countdowns that really keep this movie moving.  In between those deadlines comes the other side of the story, the one about family, history, love and dealing with life’s little surprises that offer people a chance to show what they are truly made of.

Now don’t get me wrong, this movie is about sports and sports is the core of it all.  But, an important part of sport is family.  Your family on the field, the one at home, the fans and the possibility of a family.  That’s what sport is all about.  Without the support of all those types of family you don’t really have much.

The lead and supporting roles in Draft Day are well cast.  And the women in this film are strong women in the very male dominated world of sport.  There’s a little good comic relief, lots of stress and excitement which keeps this movie moving a very good pace.  It’s definitely a movie that I will enjoy watching again down the road, as it is a timeless story.  When it comes to sport many are.

So if you are an NFL fan, then this is a no-brainer, you must go. If you like sport in any way, then you should go. And if you like a good story, then why not.  If you can’t make it to theatre, then definitely put it on your list to watch late.