There are still nice people!

As our American neighbours enjoy their long weekend, I thought it was a good time to write about how I was recently reminded that there are truly kind and giving people out there in the world. This story is about a group of such people that I met down in LA.

I stopped off in LA back in April, on way to a friend’s wedding in Maui (which was awesome, BTW), and I had the opportunity to go to a taping of The Bonnie Hunt Show. While I was at the taping, I got the chance to be a part of the show. Which was awesome.

Now, let me tell you that Bonnie Hunt is awesome and when you are part of the audience at her show, you truly feel that you’re hanging out with a friend. It’s very laid back and not pretentious at all. After enjoying the show, Bonnie even comes around and shakes everyone’s hand and thanks them for coming. Now that’s classy.

Sadly, The Bonnie Hunt Show has been canceled, but she will be back soon enough doing another great project.

The reason for this post is not completely about Bonnie Hunt, but what happened, actually who I met, when I attended the taping. I went to the taping solo. As I stood in line for a few hours waiting to get in, I did chat with a few nice local ladies. They were pleasant and nice to chat with. But, it’s what happened while sitting in the audience that was truly special.

After Bonnie had shook all our hands and we were filtering out of the studio, another lady, who I was sitting beside, that I’d been chatting with asked me who I’d come with. I told her that I was there on my own. Surprised, she proceeded to ask me what I was doing now. I told her I was just heading back to my hotel to do nothing. It was what happened next that truly reminded me that there are lovely people in the world. She invited me to go out to dinner with herself, her daughter and her friend and another friend of theirs. A little impromptu, girls dinner out. After accepting and meeting the rest of the girls, we headed out for a lovely dinner, great conversation and many laughs.

All 4 of my new friends made me feel welcome and part of the group. They didn’t know me or anything about me when they invited me for dinner, nor me of them. But, it was probably the most memorable part of my time in LA and I will never forget them or that dinner.

I love that life reminds you, at the most interesting times, that there are good people out there and it can be the simple gestures that can make a real impact on people.