Goodbye south. Hello north.

I wrapped up my time on the south island yesterday. But not before I did a bit of work and met with a few wineries for my vblog that I’m doing for a wine website. I met with the great husband and wife team at Staete Landt Winery and Jane Hunter and team over at Hunter’s Wine. I won’t go into too much detail, as the vblog will come out after I return home. They were all lovely though.

I must also say that my accommodations in Blenheim, through was great. The couple were awesome. He’s an ex-rower, so lots to chat about and they were both lovely. Plus the most comfortable bed of my entire trip. Blenheim is a funny town though as it shuts down at 4pm. So funny.

My ferry ride from Picton to Wellington was good. It was cloudy, but still gorgeous going through the sound.


That’s me leaving the south island, which I loved. And here I am arriving at the north island. Which hope to love also.


Luckily that was yesterday, as a big storm has blown over from Australia and there are no ferries today. The wind gusts are getting up to 150km/h. Crazy. But since this is my only day in Wellington, the weather couldn’t stop me.

I started my day at the Te Papa Museum. Probably my only museum stop on this trip. It was interesting and a great place to wait out the storm for a few hours. They have a house that our can stand in that simulates an earthquake and also have an enormous squid on display. Plus much more.

By the time I was done there, the weather had calmed down a bit, so time to rush and get on the funicular up for a view of Wellington. Even with the bad weather, it wasn’t too bad. What do your think?


Decided to chance the weather and walk down through the botanical gardens. It was worth it and the rain didn’t return until I was almost back down.


That’s the day so far. Just chilling for a bit now and then sushi for dinner on a recommendation from my new friends in Blenheim.

One more thing, do you think I would look good in these shoes?