Last days in NZ

My last days in New Zealand have been great. Things have been slowing down a bit. Not any huge adventures, but still great fun.

Because I have not treated myself enough, on Thursday I went for an aqua massage and a soak in the thermal pools at the Polynesian spa in Rotorua. That was great. I don’t think my skin has ever been so smooth. But I don’t think I will be getting the sulphur smell out of my swimsuit any time soon. Time to buy a new one.

After some more relaxing, it was off to an exciting evening with the the Maori people for a traditional Hangi. Well as traditional as you can get with about 200+ of your closest strangers. Check out the awesome food we got to eat.


Plus so much more. They also explained the Maori culture and history to us a bit. Very interesting. Following that had a bit of Kiwi (bird) experience. They are pretty cool birds and NZ is doing so much to protect them. Impressive.

After my last bus ride it was time for my last days to be spent in Auckland. Started my trip in a big city, Sydney, and ending in a big city, Auckland. It’s a nice city and I’ve been staying with a great girl through Airbnb. Spent time just enjoying the city and the only aquarium of my trip. The Kelly Tarlton Underwater Adventure. It was filled with some beautiful and interested aquatic life. Centered mostly on penguins. Here are some pics.

20120312-101425.jpg 20120312-101336.jpg 20120312-101401.jpg


Sunday, I spent at Waiheke Island visiting another winery, Stonyridge. Impressive place and they have to be one of the coolest wineries, bringing DJs from around the world for great outdoor parties. Need to come back for one of those.

Otherwise, I’ve just been enjoying Auckland and slowing down a bit. Today I’m on the search to find something to wear to the taping of the Ellen Degeneres show on Tuesday, which coincides with the same day of my big birthday. Awesome.

Wheels up later today for LAX. Thanks so much New Zealand. See you again soon!

Can’t even describe today…but I’ll try.

Before I get to today, let me catch up a bit. After leaving rainy Wellington, I went to sunny Hastings to meet up with another winery. This time it was the awesome team at Trinity Hill. They were a great bunch and their wines are fantastic. Have to try some more when I get home.

Included in that stop in Hastings was a great home cooked meal from my new friends, Tessa, Stuart and Larissa, my good friend Brett’s sister. Had a great night with them and made a new special little friend in Larissa. Thanks!

It was then time to say good bye to Hastings and head off to Rotorua for my next big adventure, and boy what an adventure it was.

Today was my day to go Black Water Rafting in the caves of Waitomo. It was incredible to say the least. This was a true test of me pushing my limits. Once we had our wetsuits, helmets with lights and the rest of the gear on, we made our way to our start/entry point. Thanks to my niece I went for the more adventurous of the trips, which included abseiling, zip lining and climbing out of the caves through waterfalls.

We were not able to take cameras with us which made for a better day, so the photos I have on for the leaders and on a CD, so I will share those later.

But, here is the day. First we started with a 12 storey abseil down a black hole. That was the first thing of the day that I’ve never done before. With my fear of heights and other various fears, I was amazed how easy it ended up being. Once the whole group was done, it was time for a little zip lining in the cave in the pitch black. It was AWESOME! One of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

After our hard work, it was break time as our feet dangled over the edge of the ledge to the 3m drop to the water. A little hot chocolate and a snack.

Did I mention we were doing this to see glow worms? The most beautiful site. They just light up the caves with the glowing poop. Yes, that’s what glows. Their poop.

With break time over, time for the next fun challenge. Grab an inner tube, stand on the ledge, turn off all headlamps and jump. INCREDIBLE!

As we made our way down the caves while pulling of the rope, the glow worms were a site to behold. Such unique clusters of them. Like looking at clouds, you could make out shapes of the clusters. We also saw some other amazing formations.

Our way back down with the current, we linked feet under arms of the person in front of you, turned off the headlamps and relaxed through the sites of the glow worms.

After all that, the adventure was not over. Now it was time to get out of the caves. So why not do it by climbing through waterfalls. Put you foot here, then your hand there, then pull up. Oh ya and the water is falling over your feet, face etc. And also, crawl through small tunnels etc. you know something that you do everything Wednesday afternoon in the corporate world….

I know I have described my experience, but the feelings of joy and achievement are almost impossible to describe.

This day is definitely one of the highlights of this entire journey.

Pics will following as soon as I can. Thank you universe for this kind of beauty and these kind of days.