Great day for Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Lake Ontario!

What a great way to start the week!  First thing this Monday morning, I attempted to try some stand up paddle boarding down at Kew-Balmy Beach in the east end beaches of Toronto.  I’m not going to lie, I fell in the drink a few times, got frustrated, but got back on and I enjoyed myself.

It’s really thanks to Groupon for putting together these great deals with various groups and sharing them with me.  I would never have known that this was possible in Toronto.  I remembered seeing it in Maui last year and of course seeing all the various stars like Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson doing it, but who knew you could do it in Toronto.

This Groupon was with the lovely team at SUPGirlz.  Definitely click on the link and check them out.  Janna was our instructor this morning and she was very patient and helpful with me.  I’m not the best at balancing in perfect conditions on solid ground, so this was definitely a challenge.  I’ve always found I have trouble finding my centre of gravity with my disproportionate body (long legs, short torso and very tall).  Plus tensing up didn’t help the situation.  But after a few drops to the knees, a few dumps into the water (one dismount was very impressive from what I understand) and a change of boards, I think that I started to get the hang of it.  As you can see from the pic, I’m wet, but starting to look stable (this was near the end).  As I’ve been told, as a joke, by various coaches in my sporting life, as long as you look good.  I think that I’m playing the part well in this pic.

Wet, but still smiling!

Let me tell you, that with some practice I think that I could get this.  Definitely want to figure it out before I go to Maui again one day.  Lots of time before that will happen though.

My experience was a great one.  Believe me, no one else was in the water as much as me and some never went in once.  This is an enjoyable sport to try.  If you have some good balance and know your centre of gravity, you will pick it up right away and you can choose when you dump in to cool off.  And even if you don’t, you will pick it up and it can be very relaxing (I understand).

SUPGirlz can help you get started.  Contact them for a great intro deal.

Thanks SUPGirlz and Groupon for opening my eyes to great things I can do in my own city.  Looking forward to my next Groupon activity this Sunday – Intro to Kayaking and a trip down the Humber River.  I’ll tell you how that goes.  Hopefully that one will be much drier.  Don’t want to fall into the Humber.  Not as clean as the east beaches of Toronto.