What I’ll be watching this 2013 TV season.

It’s is coming up on the most wonderful time of the year, season premiere season.  Gee, I feel like I’ve said that before.  But, it truly is.  All the excitement of the fresh new shows.  The return of your old favourites and maybe some new ones you’ve picked up in the off season.

You wonder which shows to include in your viewing schedule?  Which ones you should by-pass?  And which ones you will leave until the off season or until recommendations from your other friends who are just addicted to TV as you?

We can’t watch them all and we definitely can’t PVR (DVR) them all.  So what to do?  Well, I’ve put together my choices for new shows that I’ll be giving a chance, at least at the beginning, this season.  Would love to know what yours are.

This TV season looks like the theme is the return of favourite actors from days gone by.  From Robin Williams to Michael J. Fox to Allison Janney and more.  With great credentials like these actors have and memories of how they made me laugh before, I will give their shows a chance.

The new show Mom with Allison Janney, who I love in comedic roles, and the hilarious Anna Faris is definitely on my list.  Really looking forward to this one based on the previews and the cast.


The cast of The Crazy Ones brings together a few old favourites.  Some that go much further back than others.  Back to the days of Nanu Nanu.  Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hamish Linklater, who I loved in the The New Adventures of Old Christine.


Taking a bit of a break from comedy, I’m thinking that I will give Hostages a chance, thanks to the great casting which includes the awesome Toni Collette.


Really, I don’t have to say much more than Michael J. Fox.  The Michael J. Fox Show is near the top of list for me this season.


As the season of favourite actors from years gone by continues, up comes Sean Saves the World with the hilarious Sean Hayes and the one and only Linda Lavin who played Alice in one of my childhood favs, Alice.  Kiss my Grits!


I’m liking the cast of Trophy Wife, as another West Wing actor returns to TV, Bradley Whitford, plus the funny Malin Ackerman and straight shooter Marsha Gay Harden along with a few others.  This one has some potential I think.


What are you all thinking of this new James Caan comedy, Back in the Game?  Are you going to give it a try?  I like him and the kids look like they’ll be funny.  The cast looks like it’s got some funny characters.  I’ll give it a whirl, at least the first week or two.


I’m not 100% sure about this choice, but as a lover of the sarcasm of James Spader from his Boston Legal days (one of the best shows), I’m considering this show, The Black List, on a very trial basis.


So I ask this again, what are you thinking about watching this season?  Would love to know and as the season begins tell me how you are feeling about the shows you’re watching and tell me what I might be missing out on.

Happy TV watching!


TV Mid-Season New Shows 2011

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year.  My gosh, it’s 2011.  Wow.  This is an interesting mid season in the world of TV.  It’s unlike the past few January’s, as the past few years many of us were excitedly waiting for the return of our favourites, like “LOST” or “24”.  But they are both gone now.  Really there are not many really big shows that are returning during this mid season.

There is “V”, but I’m not sure how many of us are watching this.  I do and find it pretty good.

Of course we have all of those reality type shows returning like “Idol” and “Amazing Race”.  Plus some new ones like “Live to Dance”, which I really don’t really get.  They go, however, fill a spot for the viewers out there.  I am going to be showcasing some of the scripted shows that are new on the networks.  They seem to be starting anytime between January and April of 2011.

Off the Map (ABC/Global TV Wed. Jan 12, 10pm)

Looks like it might be fun.  Kind of like Grey’s Anatomy takes a road trip.  The question is, who will be the McSteamy or McDreamy?  Maybe the Aussie?  This equation works.  Look at the success of Grey’s and Private Practice.  The difference is this one comes with exotic scenery and crazy illnesses and accidents.  See preview below.

Body of Proof (ABC Tuesday March 29, 10pm)

Nothing like a Neurosurgeon turned Medical Examiner who has lost everything.  Bit of chip on her shoulder and a nothing to lose attitude.  Body of Proof looks like it will be interesting.  Dana Delany always adds a little something special to shows that she is a part of.  I’ll probably give this one a chance.

Happy Endings (ABC Wed. April 13, 10pm)

This one has potential.  The supporting cast looks like they will carry this show.  But like a popular show of a few years ago, “Friends”, this show equation has tried to work since the end of that show.  Maybe it will work with this one.  Looks like one that will help the late 20s/early 30s out there know that they are not alone.

Mr. Sunshine (ABC Wed. Feb 9, 9:30pm, CTV Monday Feb 7, 8:30pm)

I love the cast of this show.  Matthew Perry, Allison Janney and James Lesure.  I’m looking forward to this one. It will make sense to the late 30s/early 40s crew out there.  The situation is different from other shows like it.  It’s based in an arena that will host various events and therefore different situations.

The Cape (NBC/CityTV Premiere Sunday Jan 9th, 9pm, regular slot Mondays at 9pm)

Not on the top of my list to watch this season, but who knows I might be surprised.  Keeping an open mind.

Harry’s Law (NBC/CityTV Monday Jan 17, 10pm)

Kathy Bates.  Do I need to say more?  I don’t think so.  She has re-entered the world of scripted TV with her re-occurring role on The Office as the new owner.  She is funny, sarcastic and always fun to watch.  Looking forward to this one.

Perfect Couples (NBC  Thursday Jan 20, 8:30pm)

The title of the show pretty much says it all.  It’s a show about couples who think they are perfect compared to their other “couple” friends.  Really none of them are.  Which is where I assume the comedy will come from.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour (CBS/CTV) – Forest Whitaker is in this show.  I think it will be good just because of that.

Chaos (CBS) – No comment yet.

Mad Love (CBS) – No much to say yet, other than the cast looks pretty good.  A lot of my favourites, especially Judy Greer and Sarah Chalke.  Can’t wait to see when this one will start.

The Chicago Code (Fox/Global TV Monday Feb 7, 9pm)

Another police drama.  Yipee.  This one in Chicago.  A little different.  Interesting cast.  There is potential for this one.  Not sure if I’ll be watching.  Might give it a chance.

Traffic Light (Fox, Tuesday Feb 8, 9:30pm)

I think that I will really like this one.  For any one who likes the movie Love Actually and liked the character Colin Frissell, they will see that he (Kris Marshall) is in this new show.  This one is a nice mix of friends at different points in their lives.  A good variety of situations for us to enjoy each week.

InSecurity (CBC Tuesday Jan. 4 8:30pm)

Just wanted to mention this one, as one of the actors (the one showcased in this video) went to my high school.  All the best Richard Yearwood.

Check out the new shows.  There are a bunch of good shows that are on cable, but I don’t get many of those channels.  If there are other shows that I missed, definitely tell me about them.   Enjoy your TV watching.

New and Old Christmas Specials

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Christmas TV specials are filling the time slots.  Maybe your favourite show is doing up their “Christmas/Holiday” epsiode or your show is being replaced for a night with a classic or new Christmas special.

All of us have our favourites.  The ones that Christmas wouldn’t be complete with out.  What’s your’s?  I’m sure that Charlie Brown, The Grinch, and Frosty make that list.  But are there others that touch your hearts or make you cringe at the thought of?

I was once made to the watch The Star Wars Christmas Special. That’s a few hours that I will never get back in my life and thoroughly regret watching.  But, if you have a few hours and nothing to do but kill brain cells, definitely click on the link above and check it out.

Back to happier Christmas memories.

What Christmas is complete without Linus explaining to Charlie Brown what the true meaning of Christmas is?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was another special that I looked forward to in December.  It was so unique in it’s animation style.  And who didn’t love the snowman story teller.  That voice of Burl Ives will always make me think of the holidays.  And those misfits.

Thank goodness for Rudolph saving the day or what would have happened?

Frosty the Snowman just had so many catchy songs, a snowman who came alive (after watching this, we all wanted our snowman to come a live) and of course the bad guy whose nasty heart melts in the end.  Thanks Frosty.

This Christmas show summary wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the mean one, Mr. Grinch.  All the cute and loving Who’s (especially Cindy Lou Who), the Grinch’s ever loyal dog and of course Mr. Grinch and his growing heart.  Got to love it.

But, my Christmas show list cannot be complete without my new ultimate favourite.  Lanny and Wayne the Prep and Landing Elves.  This one just came out last year from Disney.  The animation is awesome and the story is great and kind of believable.  I always thought that Santa had some more help on the big night.  These Prep and Landing Elves make things run much smoother.

And for me, Christmas TV moments include the following two movies.

White Christmas is that movie that gets me truly in the holiday spirit.  Finally got it on DVD last year, but can only watch it in December.  Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney (yes, George’s Aunt) and so many more, make this a special movie for me.

And of course, a movie that has nothing to do with Christmas, but we have this need to watch during the holidays, The Sound of Music.  It’s the 45th Anniversary this year of this Academy Awarding winning film.

Enjoy all the great Christmas specials and new Christmas episodes of favourite shows.  Tell me which ones you can’t live without during this holiday season.

What happened to the memorable TV Theme Song?

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that the TV theme songs of today don’t really compare to those of the 70s and 80s and even before.  There are shows now that don’t have an opening or it’s just a graphic and a sound.  I remember, and still find myself, singing a theme song to a classic show when it comes on the retro stations.

I guess so many of us just fast forward through the openings now.  We don’t need to waste our time with theme songs.  It’s not worth it for a show to come up with something catchy.

Some of my favourites are below. This is in no way a complete list, but they are ones that popped into my head when I started writing this post. I can still sing all the words to most of these or the tune takes me back to a different time and special memories. You know those memories. Back in the day when you all had to sit around one TV. Yes, I said it. One TV. Can you believe it? Back around that one TV when the family got together to watch a show, or you watched the old reruns by yourself after school.   Either way it was these theme songs that started every show for you. And you couldn’t fast forward through them. They were just part of the whole experience. Sadly in a lot of case, this is now lost. So enjoy a few favourites from the past. And suggest some others that you remember.

The Love Boat is definitely one of my all time favourites.  Saturday nights around the TV with my parents and a bowl of popcorn.  Who were going to be the guest stars today?  They’ll tell us in the opening theme.  Heck, I even have this one on my iPod.

The Golden Girls were another Saturday night classic.  The song just resonated with everyone.  “Thank you for being a friend…”

Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Really how much more do I have to say about this one.  It was the theme song images that brought us the big twirl and the hat toss.  Thanks Mary and we’re glad that you “..made it on your own.”

What about The Odd Couple and the great organ sounds plus 70s style orchestration that makes this one a great finger taping theme.  Now this one might be very dated for most of you.  But still a good one.

WKRP in Cincinnati help us answer the question “wondered what ever became of me…living on the air in Cincinnati”.  This is definitely one that all these years later, I can still sing all the words.

At the same time we had, Welcome Back Kotter which took us to a time in NYC with Sweathogs and hair styles.  But you always felt that you were “Welcome Back”.

Good Times along with being one of my favourites, this theme just made you want to dance as you sang every word.  Times were tough in this show, but they had Good Times.

The Jeffersons theme has provided times.  References to “moving on up” have been made in various shows and movies since we first heard this song.  It is great theme songs like this one, that are timeless.

Three’s Company theme is very 1970s.  But it was the images and the music that made it seem like a place/show you want to watch.  Because “You’ll see that life is a ball again and laughter is callin’ for you.  Down at our rendezvous…”  Who wouldn’t want to spend 30 minutes (22 minutes without commercials) with these characters each week.

Family Ties just had such a calming opening song that it made you feel like this was a special family that we needed to meet and see what they were up to each week.   “Sha-la-la-la”

In and around the same time, give or take a few years, there were some other classic theme songs that came along.  Who could forget the following.  Or maybe you did and I will help to remind you.  Growing Pains, Perfect Strangers, Silver Spoons, Who’s the Boss, The Greatest American Hero

The Facts of Life theme song really said it all “you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life…”  What an opening.  This show was definitely for me back in the 80s.  Thanks Blair, Jo, Natalie, Tootie and of course Mrs. Garrett.  Plus a young George Clooney, with a mullet, for a season.

And who could forget what came before it, Different Strokes.  Plus some other favourites like Gimme a Break, What’s Happening, Eight is Enough, One Day at A Time.  Not necessarily from the same time, but still about families that were not all blood relatives.

I always loved the short run and start for Tom Hanks’, Bosom Buddies.  A little Billy Joel helped this become a great theme song and every time I hear that “My Life” by Billy Joel on the radio, I think of Bosom Buddies.

Cheers.  How much do I really need to say about this one?  When that piano starts to play, we know it’s time to “…get away.  Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and their always glad you came….”

Happy Days.  What to say about this one?  You want to get up and dance.  You want a soda down at Arnold’s and to hang with the Fronz and the Cunninghams.  This song just says and make you feel it all.

And of course Laverne and Shirley.  Because you can’t reference Happy Days without Laverne and Shirley.  This theme was a great one also.  These girls just seemed like they were going to make things happen.

Charlie’s Angels had a little something for everyone.  And so did this theme song.  Gotta love the music of the 70s.

The A-Team theme really spoke to what this show was about.  You could just feel it in the music.  And when you heard it radiating out of your single speaker of your 20″ TV, you came running if you were a boy or a tom boy of the 80s.  It was time for Mr. T, Hannibal, Face and crazy Murdock.  It still gives me goosebumps today.  Another one that’s on the iPod.

Dallas.  Yes, Friday nights I would watch this one with my parents.  The 70s and 80s were full of evening soap operas, or dramas.  This theme was an interesting one. As Dallas was on for so many years, the core of the theme song never changed, but it was modernized as the times changed.

Along with Dallas, came the other soaps.  Here are a few themes like Dynasty and Falcon Crest.  Oh so dramatic.

Hawaii 5-0 is supposedly one of the most recognized theme songs in the world.  Makes sense.

And if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.  Check out Hawaii 5-0 2010

Let me just say that this was one of the most fun posts I’ve ever done.  I still know the words, I’m still singing along and they still put a smile on my face.  Doesn’t matter what the episode was about, you just needed to hear that theme song and you would plop yourself in front of the TV and you were ready for one of your favourites.  But I could go on for days with theme songs from the 70s and 80s.  What about CHiPs, Dukes of Hazzard, MASH

Now, what about today?  Are there ones that we remember and sing along with?  For me there are a few.  Of course there is Friends.  But more recently, this is probably my current favourite.

The Big Bang Theory has a very catchy theme song and tune, plus it’s done by the Barenaked Ladies.  And it really talks to what the show is about.

What are some of your favourites from today or the past?

TV Season Premiere Season – Returning Shows

As my excitement builds to the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, tt’s time to take a look at all my favourite returning shows.  Starting this week (w/o Sept 13th), they start popping up in the TV schedule.  I don’t know that there is a better time of the year than Season Premiere Season and I know there’s a bunch of you out there that feel the same.

Let me first apologize if the embedded videos do not work for you in Canada.  I can only access American content even though I live in Canada.

Now, let’s see, where to start?  Let’s start with the first one to premiere.

Parenthood (NBC/CityTV 10pm Tuesday September 14th) – This show was a pleasant surprise last year.  With a power house cast, from Peter Krause (previously on Dirty Sexy Money and Six Feet Under) to Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) to Dax Shepard and Craig T. Nelson (for those of who can remember he was our favourite Coach). Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, have given us this great show that looks at 3 generations of one family all living back in the same town with all their interesting quirks, ups and downs, fights and laughter.

House (Fox/Global 8pm Monday September 20th) – What can I really say about House?  If you aren’t already watching this one, not much I can say or do.  It’s smartly written and keeps me coming back season after season.  Welcome back Dr. House.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS/CityTV 8pm Monday September 20th) –  When it comes to comedies, this has to be one of the best.  The cast of characters are so perfectly suited for each other and the comedy just keeps coming.  Neil Patrick Harris plays a great womanizing straight guy.  His “Barney Stinson” is someone you just want to grab a drink with, because you know it’ll be a laugh.  Saying that, it’s the whole gang that will keep you laughing.  And of course there is always the question, will we meet their “mother” this season?  Former House star Jennifer Morrison will be joining the cast for a few episodes this season as a love interest for Ted.  Will this be the moment we’ve all been waiting for?

Rules of Engagement (CBS/CityTV 8:30pm Monday September 20th) – I don’t know that many of you have given this show a chance.  But it is quite entertaining.  With a cast of David Spade, Patrick Warburton (you may not know the name, but you this guy’s voice and the egotistical characters he plays), Kate Hudson’s cutie brother, Oliver Hudson, and some great female actors who keep all these guys in line, it’s worth a try.  Here’s a taste of the laughs they create.

Two and a Half Men (CBS/CTV 9pm Monday September 20th) – Here’s another show that if you’re aren’t watching it, I doubt you will jump on the band wagon now.  But you will probably enjoy watching it in reruns on a raining Sunday afternoon.  We all know lots about the life of the famed Charlie Sheen.  His character on this show is not that much of a leap.  I’ve had the opportunity to see a taping of this show live.  And wow, this team of writers and actors really know what they’re doing.  Never more than two takes per scene.  They can hit the beats for a good laugh.

Modern Family (ABC/CityTV 9pm Wednesday September 22nd) – I don’t know why, but I was late to jump on board for this show.  I’m kicking myself for it.  But, I think that I’m caught up now.   This was by far the best comedy that came out of the last TV season.  It is so smart, funny and the cast of characters is awesome.  All I can say is that if you’re not watching this show, you have to.  It’ll be worth every minute.

Cougar Town (ABC/CityTV 9:30pm Wednesday September 22nd) – I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does have a good group of characters/actors and the writing is pretty good.  The supporting characters really help this show along.  You know many of them from shows like ScrubsChrista Miller, ER/Dawson’s CreekBusy Phillips, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and FelicityIan Gomez.  Plus of course Courtney Cox who I think is enjoyable in this show.  And she brings her “Friends” along to guest star.

Community (NBC/CityTV 8pm Thursday September 23rd) –This is another show that I was late to party for.  This unique and odd group of people attending Community College definitely create some laughs.  Joel McHale and Chevy Chase join a group of other favourites and some newer actors, as they come together as a hilarious community college study group.  Heck, it’s on Thursday nights on NBC, it’s got to have something to be worth watching.  Check it out.  And by the way, Betty White will be on the premiere.  She’s one busy woman.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS/CTV 8pm Thursday September 23rd) – I really love this show.  I HIGHLY recommend this show.  It’s hilarious.  I’m in no way a fan of the same things as these very intelligent characters (Star Trek, comic books, and science) but the way that it’s presented it’s fantastic.  And the theme song is by the Barenaked Ladies, plus it’s catchy.  Side note:  there are not enough catchy theme songs out there any more.   One of the leads, Jim Parsons (Sheldon) just one the Emmy for his role.  You will love to be confused by him and how set in his ways he is.  The rest of cast from Johnny Galecki (remember him from Rosanne), Kaley Cuoco (from 8 Simple Rules), Simon Helberg to Kunal Nayyar create some great situations that you just cannot help but laugh about.  I could go on for days about this show.  But, if you haven’t seen it before, you can check it out from the beginning on various stations (CTV weekdays at 7:30pm) so that you can catch up and learn where my favourite word, BAZINGA, comes from.

The Office (NBC/Global 9pm Thursday September 23rd) – Another classic show.  Most likely you have watched this one at some time.  You might be partial to the British version or the American one.  Not a lot I can say about this one.  There are some favourite characters returning this season.  Hopefully that will make Michael Scott happy.  However this is Steve Carell’s final season.  So there may be lots planned for this season.  I’ll be there to see what happens for Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam and the rest of The Office.  But, first a video memory of my favourite scene from last season and maybe one of the best episodes ever of The Office.

Brothers and Sisters (ABC/Global 10pm Sunday September 26th) – What will become of the Walker family after the crazy car accident that ended last season.  This season will see the show jump a whole year ahead from the time of the accident.  The characters should have moved on and dealt with their grief of losing Rob Lowe’s character and whatever other issues came from the accident and their crazy lives.  This show has an incredible cast of characters that are so well suited to work together.  It does keep my PVR (DVR) busy at 10pm on Sunday nights though, as it’s up against Mad Men.  And come on, I’ll be watching Mad Men in real time and enjoying Brothers and Sisters later in the week.

I think that my PVR is getting a bit scared of all the work it’ll have to do in the coming days/weeks/months after having most of the summer off.  Thank goodness for the PVR or what would I do.

Happy Season Premiere Season to all!

TV Season Premiere Season – New Network Shows

To steal a phrase from a classic Christmas carol and the Staples Back to School Commercial – It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Yes, it’s time for the premieres of favourite shows and potential new favourites (and some flops).

Now I’m not in the know or the right circles yet to get the early preview DVDs, so this post is really to summarize what’s coming up, what I’m going to be watching and maybe some initial thoughts.

New Shows:

Mike and Molly (CBS 9:30pm Monday September 20th) – This is from the phenomenal creative team that brought us Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.  They write the stuff that can really make me laugh out loud.  Plus the cast of this show is made up of some favourites like Sookie (Melissa Mccarthy) from The Gilmore Girls (more recently from Samantha Who? with Christina Applegate) and Swoozie Kurtz who has been entertaining us for years in both dramas and comedies.  The rest of the cast looks like they will be able to take the scripts to a whole other level.  This show has everything in place on paper to be a good one.  I really hope so.

Hawaii 5-0 (CBS/Global 10pm Monday September 20th) – A remake of an old classic with an unforgettable theme song.  Even if you were to young to have watched the original, you’ve heard the theme before.  Who wouldn’t like a show that takes place in Hawaii.  A place that many of us dream of going.  This show has got a little something for everyone.  Comedy, drama, action, good looking men and women and beautiful scenery all for the purpose of fighting crime.  With LOST gone we need a little bit of Hawaii, some more time with Daniel Dae Kim , the sarcasm of Scott Caan (loved him in the Ocean’s movies) and I guess that Grace Park and Alex O’Loughlin aren’t too bad either.  Hopefully they all do well by this classic.

The Event (NBC/CityTV 9pm Monday September 20th) – The previews for this one are very intriguing.  What the heck is The Event?  Why doesn’t the President have clearance?  I just have to watch this one because I need to know.  But will I need to invest five+ years to find out what it is?

Running Wilde (Fox 9:30pm Tuesday September 21st) – It’s from the creator of Arrested Development, really do I need to say more.  It should be very smart and entertaining.  Hopefully it’s not canceled before it needs to be like Arrested Development was.  Additionally, you’ve got Will Arnett and Keri Russell (who I loved in Felicity and was very funny in the movie Waitress) who look like an interesting couple.  Let’s see what this one is like.

Better with You (ABC 8:30pm Wednesday September 22nd) – This show looks like it might be fun.  I’m happy to see Debra Jo Rupp back.  We all loved her as Kitty on That 70s Show.  And I admit I do enjoy Joanna Garcia who’s been on a few shows that have ended up being canceled, but was also great in Reba.  So let’s hope that this one has a chance.

The Defenders (CBS/CTV 10pm Wednesday September 22nd) – As a lover of Vegas, there is no better place to stage one of the only shows that looks at the side of law from The Defenders point of view.  People get into a lot of trouble in Vegas.  The team of comic master Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell, I feel will be a enjoyable one and provide some good laughs through some bad situations and silly criminals.

Undercovers (NBC/CityTV 8pm Wednesday September 22nd) – It’s new from J.J. Abrams, so I really have to give it a chance.  Seems a bit Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but playing for the same team.  And they use the tactic of Sexpionage.  Doesn’t that sound interesting.  Need to learn more.  I’ll give the show a try.

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS/CTV 8:30pm Thursday September 23rd) – Now I’m still waiting to get the book at the library, but what I’ve read, while loitering at the book store so far, seems funny.  The question is will it be a good show?  Will William Shatner make it work?  I loved him in Boston Legal, but what will he be like in this one.  I guess we will see soon.

Outsourced (NBC/Global 9:30pm Thursday September 23rd) – For any of use who have called a call centre and ended up in India or for any of us who have worked for companies where our call centres were outsourced, I think we might find this kind of funny (pretty much everyone).  I really want to give this show a chance.  I think that I will get some good laughs out of it and the interesting characters they’ve put together.

Blue Bloods (CBS/CTV 10pm Friday September 24th) – A show about a police/law family headed up by the NYC Police Chief, Tom Selleck, should be a good one.  Plus Donnie Walhberg and Bridget Moynahan add their special talents to this one.  It’s a police show we haven’t seen before.  There are so many families where generation after generation wear the shield and this show will look at it from that point of view.  What’s it like to sit around that dinner table on Sunday nights?  Good or bad for this show is that it’s on Friday nights.  Not a lot up against it, but not a lot of people watching on Friday night (but that’s why we have PVRs/DVRs).  All the best.

I’m sure there will be other shows that I’ll try on for entertainment, plus the mid-season replacements.  But I’ll start with these.  Check out my returning show summary in the next few days.  And check out the fall schedule.

What happened to the cliffhanger?

It’s taken me a while to finally put some words up on this blog, but here it goes.  My first Observations blog entry.

I just watched the finale of House for this season.  Yes, I know it ended over month ago.  It took me a while, as I had PVRed the entire season and didn’t start watching it until May.  First off, what a great season.  Some real impressive episodes.  But, I’m not here to talk about the individual episodes of any one show, but to ask a question that has been bothering me with dramas, dramedies and even some comedies.

What happened to the cliffhanger?  When I was growing up, every drama ended their season with a cliffhanger.  Something that the viewer could think about all summer.  Gave them a reason to tune into the season premiere in the fall, so as to get all their questions answered.  There were cliffhangers like, the ever famous, “Who Shot JR?” (sorry, if you are too young to remember this, but your parents or grandparents will) and so many other shows which had you wondering if your favourite character had died at the hands of the enemy, if a company was taken down by some horrible act, or the always favourite, did your favourite couple finally get together?

This just doesn’t happen anymore.  As I mentioned, I just finished watching this season of House.  I sat there in the last minutes wondering whether House was going to fall off the wagon?  How would he ever get back on it after all his hard work?  How would he live without his love?  SPOILER ALERT (just in case you are slower than me catching up on TV)  But, then into his apartment (no one locks their doors) walks his love, who tells him that she broke off her engagement to some other guy because she loves House.  So, they kiss, he doesn’t take the drugs and they kiss again.  Nothing to wonder about over the summer.

Now, sure I want to come back next season and see what happens, but again, I can PVR the entire season and catch up in a couple of weeks next May.  I don’t have a need to watch it right away when it starts in September.  Okay, it makes life easier, and far less exciting, when a show ends a season like that, but I want the excitement of questioning what will happen.  It should have ended with him sitting there contemplating taking the drugs or something bigger.  That would have really brought me back and kept me guessing all summer.

And there were other big shows that did the same.  I only really watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, but that ended in a happy little package.  We weren’t left wondering if McDreamy was dead or alive.  We knew he was fine.  The episode ended with him asking for his wife.

Then there was Private Practice.  Yes, a character died in the end, but everyone else was fine.  And the two people that you wanted to get together, got together at the end of the episode.  No questions.  Even last season, Private Practice left us guessing.  But not this year.

I think that a well crafted cliffhanger really makes for an interesting and exciting summer between seasons.  Or at least that’s what I observe.